Week of April 28, 2004

Apr 28, 2004 at 4:00 am
The Case of the Purloined Piece
Biondi, patron saint of the arts: Bob Orchard calling Father Lawrence Biondi's rescue of a Trova sculpture a "legal theft" is an oxymoron [Shelley Smithson, "Sculpture Shock," April 21]. Father Biondi, a passionate patron of the arts, negotiated a lease barely long enough to justify the costs of resurrecting and refurbishing this work of art and is demonized for his efforts. Is it not better to have the piece in public view rather than rusting away in basement storage? It seems churlish to criticize Father Biondi for allowing the sculpture to be preserved and enjoyed at its transitional placement until its long-term future can be determined.
Daniel B. Hayes

Feud done it: Shelley Smithson's article seemed to cover all sides and was impartial. I wonder: Is the real situation one of two former business partners who fell out grinding at each other and this sculpture only means for them to continue their personal animosity?
R. M. Jones
St. Louis

Fan mail! First, I can't believe that that piece of crap is worth $250,000. Second, I cannot believe that you wasted a story on the piece-o-shit. Who cares? Find something to write about that's worthwhile.
Joe Povis

Firing Squad, Part 1
Wilonsky's gone! Please fire Robert Wilonsky. It seems that he almost cannot write a review of a movie without giving away the ending ["Messin' with Texas," April 7].

Short of firing him, please edit his reviews so that moviegoers will be allowed the pleasure of learning a movie's twists in the theater. Short of editing his work, please direct Mr. Wilonsky to proof his own work before submitting it. Quote: "But truth really be told, there is nothing new here...." Quote: "Every film made about the fall of the Alamo ends with the slaughter....Not this time....An Alamo with a happy ending -- now, that is revolutionary."

I don't know. Is the market for movie critics really that slim? If so, get this guy under a tighter grip, and give us some reviews that follow a few basic guidelines.
John Ferguson
Houston, Texas

Firing Squad, Part 2
Derf's outta here! I am angry at your liberal paper for the last time. Your editor and cartoonist should be fired from their jobs. There is nothing funny about the installment of The City that was printed in your April 7 edition.

I served in the armed forces as many of my family members did, and I am insulted. Why don't you just send this cartoon to the parents of fallen soldiers? Did you forget about 9/11 and the 3,000 lives lost? How about the lives lost during World Wars I and II and the rest of the wars? You should be ashamed for printing that cartoon.
Matthew S. Martel
Webster Groves

True Blue
ROW verses weighed: On behalf of Redevelopment Opportunities for Women (ROW), I am writing to say thank Jordan Harper for the wonderful coverage of our nineteenth annual Women and Blues event, When Jazz Meets Blues [Critic's Pick, March 24]. Services at ROW are focused on serving women who have been impacted by intimate partner violence, homelessness and/or poverty. ROW has been providing critical educational, advocacy and support services to disadvantaged women since 1979.

ROW is premised on the belief that every individual has self-worth and is endowed with certain strengths and abilities. ROW's mission is to create opportunities for women and families to pursue economic self-sufficiency, personal and family development. Through a continuum of education, counseling, advocacy and support services, we focus on the strengths of each individual, build on those strengths and help develop the skills necessary to live healthy and productive lives.

It is only through the generous support of the community, through businesses, corporations and individuals, that we can continue providing these critical services. Again, thank you for supporting ROW as we continue to work toward effecting positive change in the lives of women, children and families.
Charity Laleman, director of development
St. Louis

In last week's Unreal, we wrote about "Optimists International." The actual name of the St. Louis-based charity organization is "Optimist International." Also, in last week's Night & Day piece about Amy Goodman, we misstated KDHX's broadcast frequency. KDHX broadcasts at 88.1 on the FM dial.