Week of January 21, 2004

Bitter Sweet
Gone but not forgotten: I would like to thank you for the article on the death of Gary Stewart [Roy Kasten, "Bitter Truths," January 7]. My mom and dad have always been big fans of his and raised me to be one as well. My biggest regret is that we never got to see him live. I am heartbroken over his untimely death. He never really seemed to get the recognition he deserved.

Again, thank you for the great article. Gary Stewart will always be remembered by his fans as one of the greats who unfortunately left this world too soon. He will be missed.
Barrett Jones
Meadville, Mississippi

Vituperation Watch
Duck! The Jewish Anti-Defamation League, a well-known association with many Zionists, Bolsheviks and Jewish Mafia characters in its present and past membership rolls, is a dastardly anti-Christian hate group which enjoys pointing its own very dirty finger at innocent people and crying "hate" in crowded media rooms. ADL regional director Karen J. Aroesty seems to have forgotten her place in America; considering her Jewish group's scant 1 to 2 percent of the population, she and her relatives should simply sit down and be quiet and not cause trouble [Letters, January 14].

To set the record straight, Ms. Aroesty's ADL is a known agent of a foreign power whose members have been caught red-handed giving private information about Americans to the Israeli Mossad, which is an assassination agency, all of which is thoroughly illegal. In addition, her ADL has been successfully sued for defamation, making the word "defamation" in its name all the more appropriate.

Ms. Aroesty's honesty about the Jewish role in killing 65 million Christians in the Jewish-controlled Soviet Union is less than forthright. The truth is that Ms. Aroesty's Jewish blood relatives did indeed start communism and run the Christian-killing apparatus of the Soviet Union with great gusto and a grandiosely refined Jewish efficiency, taking blue-eyed, blond-haired young boys and girls outside of many cities and shooting them in the back of the head, as amply described in The Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn, the father of the Russian democracy.

We continue to witness Jewish killings of innocent Arabs in the terror state of Israel. All the while, Ms. Aroesty points her hysterical Jewish finger in the face of fine patriotic Americans, accusing them of hate in the most vile and arrogant terms. In fact, most of the documents in www.jewwatch.com are either written by Jews or printed in Jewish-owned newspapers. And, Ms. Aroesty, you stated that the Jews do not own the media, but the Riverfront Times was started by a very nice Jew by the name of Ray Hartmann, the Post-Dispatch is owned by relatives of the Jew Joseph Pulitzer Sr., the New York Times is owned by the Jewish Sulzbergers, Fox News by a Jew posing as a Christian for years and just "outed" (Rupert Murdoch, whose Jewish mother is none other than Elizabeth Greene). Ted Turner is a goyim who owned CNN. Ted joined AOL Time Warner, and he was told by the Jews running AOL Time Warner that under no circumstances could he, a mere Christian, ever own CNN again.
Frank Weltner, the Couch Potato, WGNU (920 AM)
St. Louis

No Butts
Bottom line: I'm not sure why I am so offended by Luke Y. Thompson's praise of Scarlett Johansson's ass crack, but I am ["The Sorrow and the Pity," December 31]. Maybe it is age, but you had me, then you lost me.
Scott Weaver
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tea Spot
"Nice-old-lady" is a relative term: With regard to Rose Martelli's review of St. Louis tea rooms ["Three for Tea," December 31], we would first like to thank you for pointing out the superiority of our scones at the Ladies of Lucerne, which are prepared fresh daily by our chef, Corey Trask, a graduate of the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont.

Unfortunately, we must take exception to several other observations made by your reviewer, not the least of which was assuming our teas are bagged, when in fact, we serve only loose Harney & Sons fine tea. Apparently the reviewer neglected to see our extensive tea menu, which is placed at the table when we seat our guests.

Even more disturbing, however, were the comments characterizing eating at the Ladies of Lucerne as a "bit like eating in the middle of Pier 1," "a nice-old-lady heaven" and "jam-packed with lotions, sachets and candles." Since opening our west-county tea room in October in the historic Barn at Lucerne, we have endeavored to create an atmosphere of sophisticated serenity, where busy women can escape to enjoy our delicious lunch or three-course afternoon tea menu, as well as browse through our home-furnishings shop, which includes fine china and crystal pieces, lamps, artwork, etc. This environment is enhanced by an extensive cultural events schedule, including a World's Fair lecture series and a Mardi Gras celebration with the Rep during the first quarter of 2004.

We suppose that "nice-old-lady" is a relative term, but as active, middle-aged businesswomen we believe that we provide a new alternative for dining and shopping for many of our contemporaries in the St. Louis area. In fact, we have hosted not only bridal and baby showers, but birthday parties for young ladies from 13 to 21 years of age.

It would appear from the cursory and inaccurate review of our tea room that the reviewer never actually experienced afternoon tea at the Ladies of Lucerne and perhaps never visited our restaurant. We don't believe we were fairly assessed and invite the reviewer to come and have afternoon tea with us and enjoy our sumptuous three-course tea menu and our attentive tableside service in an atmosphere of casual elegance.
Adrianne Ritter, proprietor
The Ladies of Lucerne

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