Love Blossoms at KSDK Channel 5

What can I say? Yesterday was a bit of a slow news day here at RFT, so I decided to track down a rumor I'd heard just before the holidays concerning a pair of television reporters at my favorite local station.

Word has it that KSDK (Channel 5) reporters Ann Rubin and Mike Garrity are an item. They've even been seen (allegedly) walking arm-in-arm through the streets of downtown.

So is it true? Yesterday, I sent Rubin and Garrity an e-mail asking them to confirm or  deny the rumor. Garrity never responded. Rubin, meanwhile, cheekily replied that she'd only comment if I could promise her an RFT cover story.

When I informed her that I'd need all the details of the romance along with a few salacious photos to secure a cover story, Rubin agreed that a blog post would suffice.

"You've tortured it out of me," wrote Rubin in her e-mail reply. "Consider it confirmed...And here I thought I was having a slow news day."

-- Chad Garrison 
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