Love her or hate her: RFT readers take sides over Red Latina's Cecilia Velazquez

Love her or hate her: RFT readers take sides over Red Latina's Cecilia Velazquez

DAILY RFT, MAY 11, 2010
Wear it: I'm sure you've heard this one, but here goes: What's the difference between a pregnant woman and a light bulb ["Columbia Police Change SWAT Policy Following Botched Drug Raid Captured on Film," Chad Garrison]? You can't unscrew a pregnant woman! Too little, too late, cops. You're dead to me.
Common Sense Police, via the Internet

Talk about overreacting! These cowards shot a fifteen-pound corgi and a caged pit bull in front of a young child — and all because of a couple of joints and a bong. Let's hope this citizen sues the city of Columbia for all it's worth.
MG, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, MAY 11, 2010
Oil spill is proof: Isn't it coincidence that the worst environmental disaster in human history will affect "drill, baby, drill" red states: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and crazy South Carolina ["How Big Is the Gulf Oil Spill in Comparison to St. Louis?" Keegan Hamilton]?

Progressives have been warning you ignorant redneck right-wingers for decades, but you hardheads choose to listen to the corporate spokespersons such as Limbaugh, Palin Beck and Robertson. How's that working for you? Take a hint! It's as though God himself has come down from heaven to rub Republican/conservative noses in the evil B.S. they've spewed for the last few years.
SPO101, via the Internet

FEATURE, MAY 6, 2010
The great pretender: She is a fake leader for the community ["Señora en Rojo," Nicholas Phillips]. She's ambitious, arrogant and a compulsive liar — and more than anything, a woman with no moral values. I have known her for years, and she is a wolf in her inner self, but she tries to come across like a kind sheep. She needs to learn that she is in the United States of America and therefore must respect and follow the laws. She doesn't know anything about the poor and illegal immigrants.
Gabby, via the Internet

How could you? You failed to report that all the people from the rival paper all worked for Cecilia Velazquez and learned how to run a paper because of her. Cecilia is a hardworking woman and always has people trying to knock her down. But she does so much good for the community. She has brought jobs — lots of jobs. She is a go-getter and has to be on top of things to survive. I don't see how you could allow such a negative story about one person.
Alice Ramirez, via the Internet

Selfish and dishonest: Why are you promoting this evil women? I will never promote Riverfront Times as a good newspaper again. How could you put an article with her on the front cover? She is so proud to be on the front cover that she doesn't even care that it was negative. She only does things that benefit her. She never gives back to the community. If anyone in the United States needs to be deported, it is her. She is one of most dishonest people in the Hispanic community.
Carla Arrigo, St. Louis, via the Internet

Velazquez is misunderstood: I can attest that Cecilia Velazquez is an independent modern woman. She's committed, decisive, competitive, confident and self-made, this being the reason for having gone far beyond what one would expect from anyone having had the intense experiences she has had in her young career. At times she has moved in circles surrounded by hate, envy and negative energy, which drove her into places from which she could not escape. All these burdens would have finished anyone else, but not Cecilia. She has gotten up, dusted her skirt and continued on her way with her head high up, to deal with the next stumbling blocks put in her path. Yes, at times she might have interacted and used harsh words and aggressive approaches in situations, but these same ways are admired and accepted in the stereotypical male. No matter what the ill-intentioned and envious say, Cecilia has been an asset, contributing to the success of this community.
Dinorah, via the Internet

Sewing chaos: I am Hispanic American and was in this area for quite a few years before Velazquez showed up. I have said it before, and I will say it again: If any immigrant does not deserve to be here it is this person. She has caused a lot of chaos in the community, and those incidents of being escorted off [church] premises are true. She caused me a lot of headaches, and she will do anything to get what she wants and does not care whom she has to go over to do it.
Marina Trujillo, via the Internet

A total loser: She is an embarrassment to the Hispanic community of St. Louis, as she causes drama wherever she goes. The vast majority of the Hispanic business community has been negatively affected by her, losing business, money and receiving threats. Where was that in the article? Why wasn't there more in the article about how she was allowed back in the U.S. Does she really have a husband and has anyone ever seen him? She should be the last person the U.S. would allow back in, what with her track record. It is a wonder why the St. Louis Hispanic community is not taken seriously when you have losers like Velazquez being praised? Her "hard work and determination" is best defined by her mission to make money anyway she can, no matter who she tramples on the way.
Leonorgross, via the Internet

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