Major Case Squad Accuses T-Mobile of Delaying Arrest of Double-Homicide Suspect

Jun 23, 2010 at 8:49 am
Justus: Has a lawman ever had a sweeter name?
Justus: Has a lawman ever had a sweeter name?
The head of the St. Louis Major Case Squad and cell-phone carrier T-Mobile Wireless are trading shots over the investigation of Eric C. Tucker.

On Monday prosecutors in St. Clair County charged the 19-year-old resident of Washington Park with the murders of Araybia Moore and Darnell Turner Jr. after the couple was found shot to death last week in an East St. Louis home.

This week the chairman of the Major Case Squad, Mearl Justus, accused T-Mobile of delaying Tucker's arrest by refusing to hand over cell phone records that implicated a connection to the victims.

Yesterday T-Mobile fired back, stating: "We have a responsibility to uphold federal privacy laws. As a result, we are very careful with how we manage and disclose private information of any U.S. citizen and our own customers."

Moral of this story? I dunno. Maybe it's this: Don't call people on your cell phone that you intend to murder.