Mamaloguer Too "Blunt" for Post-Dispatch
Blogger Dana Loesch, whose column "Mamalogues" has been running in the Tuesday Post-Dispatch every other week since July (and online once a week for about a year), has been dropped by the print edition of the paper, apparently because her musings about being a young St. Louis mom have offended the Post's geezer demographic.

Loesch breaks the news today in her blog,, where she also notes that columnist Bob Rybarczyk, whose "Suburban Fringe" alternated Tuesdays with "Mamalogues," got the ink-stained heave-ho as well.

Writes Loesch:

I was informed that while online traffic is fan-diddily-tastic, the people who subscribe to the printed paper can't handle talk of things like breastfeeding or female hormones while brunching over crumpets and tea, so they complained -- unlike the people who previously complained because I spanked my kids; or how I said Linda Hirschman is a raving hag; or, ignoring my extensive journalism background, how come I'm the one who gets a column, gawd, NO FAIR! Some of the print readers caused me to feel a bit like I'm being admonished by my grandparents. I bet their hearts done near stopped when I said "menstruation."

I was informed that I am blunter than to what they are accustomed. I talk about things that happen in real life and I try to inject humor into it because doing so keeps me off the bottle. I suppose I could've toned it down but I don't know how much further one can dial back "chestal region" when speaking of female breasts or "Flo's visit" when discussing menstruation, or "marital relations" when discussing sex. I don't know what else I could've substituted for "Prozac." I don't want to sound bland. I'm a woman, these are issues that I deal with and I write what I know. I wasn't going to say anything initially, as I was hurt by it, but so many people are asking, I feel as though I have to.

In her post announcing the change, Loesch takes pains to be gracious, noting that she'll continue to columnize online at and that "I still adore the editorial staff and my editor -- the STLtoday staff just rocks it."

We've put voicemails in to the rockers at the Post for elaboration; we'll get back to you when they get back to us.

-Tom Finkel

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