Man City vs. Chelsea: St. Louisans Desperately Search Craigslist for Busch Stadium Soccer Tix

Apr 3, 2013 at 2:58 pm

Update: See photos from soccer at Busch Stadium.

Last week, Daily RFT told you why you should care that the Premier League's Manchester City and Chelsea F.C. will be playing an exhibition game at Busch Stadium.

Apparently, St. Louis soccer fans needed little convincing. The game sold out within minutes, and when we went to check out online sales yesterday, we were stuck for an agonizingly long time in the virtual waiting room.

All hope is not lost, though! St. Louis Craigslist and other websites are busy marketplaces for tickets today, with some pretty outrageous offers...and desperate pleas. Our favorites on view below plus a bonus e-mail from one very upset RFT reader.

Here's the waiting "room" we were stuck in yesterday.

And on Craigslist and StubHub, we are seeing all kinds of crazy high prices. Some more than $2,000 a pop! On Craigslist, there are lots in the $400 range. And higher. And in general, there are quite a lot of postings related to the game.

There are, of course, also the folks who are very, very desperate. Some screengrabs below, followed by one ticket seeker's rant.

Broke-Ass College Students

Torres Fan Need Not to Inquire

I'll Know The Price When I See It

Desperate in Chicago

Many Exclamation Marks Necessary

Witness History

All The Way From Austin

Don't Let These Slip Away!!

Continue for an e-mail from one desperate RFT reader.