Man City vs. Chelsea: St. Louisans Desperately Search Craigslist for Busch Stadium Soccer Tix

Update: See photos from soccer at Busch Stadium.

Last week, Daily RFT told you why you should care that the Premier League's Manchester City and Chelsea F.C. will be playing an exhibition game at Busch Stadium.

Apparently, St. Louis soccer fans needed little convincing. The game sold out within minutes, and when we went to check out online sales yesterday, we were stuck for an agonizingly long time in the virtual waiting room.

All hope is not lost, though! St. Louis Craigslist and other websites are busy marketplaces for tickets today, with some pretty outrageous offers...and desperate pleas. Our favorites on view below plus a bonus e-mail from one very upset RFT reader.

Here's the waiting "room" we were stuck in yesterday.

And on Craigslist and StubHub, we are seeing all kinds of crazy high prices. Some more than $2,000 a pop! On Craigslist, there are lots in the $400 range. And higher. And in general, there are quite a lot of postings related to the game.

There are, of course, also the folks who are very, very desperate. Some screengrabs below, followed by one ticket seeker's rant.

Broke-Ass College Students

Torres Fan Need Not to Inquire

I'll Know The Price When I See It

Desperate in Chicago

Many Exclamation Marks Necessary

Witness History

All The Way From Austin

Don't Let These Slip Away!!

Continue for an e-mail from one desperate RFT reader.

Yesterday, RFT received this e-mail from a reader who said he sent this note below to Busch Stadium's customer-service department.

We feel your pain.


I am writing to vent my extreme frustration at how the Chelsea Vs Man City ticket situation was handled.

As i write i have been sat here for 50 minutes in the "virtual queue" waiting for my random chance to pop on and buy 2 tickets for my wife and i to watch the Chelsea Vs Man City game. I am from England and moved here 5 years ago, living in England i never got the chance to see Chelsea, so i was very excited about the opportunity here.

After 50 minutes of waiting patiently by my PC i get the "congratulations!" message. I was very excited and called my wife immediately, she even suggested we upgrade ourselves to nicer tickets.

So imagine my frustration then, as i try to buy 2 tickets, and every single seating option is telling me it cannot be fulfilled. I even tried the "Best Available" option. Still can't get 2 tickets. Weird i thought, maybe they only have single seats available. My wife was still in her "virtual queue" so she said just to try and buy one. I tried every available option to buy just 1 ticket. Nothing. I tried every option for 3 and 4....nothing. Essentially i was unable to buy anything, even though clearly your inane system let me through to buy them.

I call customer service and the guy tells me you're sold out.

I tell him my predicament and in kinder words he basically told me i was SOL.

He mentioned the teams may have tickets available for sale at a later date and to check back, i asked if i could have them held since i was willing to pay anything and had been led to believe i could purchase tickets by your system.

He said no.

For fun, i then searched for the tickets.

Wouldn't you know it.....Hundreds 5 times the price you're selling them for. One guy was selling "Standing Room Only" for $110 each ($25 on your site) and had 53 tickets available.

53 god damned tickets, and i can't get 2 for me and my wife. Do you know how utterly frustrating that is? Why, oh why isn't there a ticket cap for things like this? Why would you possibly think this gentleman wants to take 52 friends to see a soccer game? It's mind blowing in its stupidity.

So here i am...

I still haven't closed the ticket page yet, quite unbelievable that this has happened.

If you think this business model is fair to the fans, then you are having an absolute laugh.

Of course the teams probably won't be laughing when half the stadium is empty and the scalpers out front of the stadium are throwing away unsellable tickets in the trashcans outside Busch Stadium.

This was quite frankly an outrage, the customer service was awful with no modicum of respect of empathy.

I just simply wanted somebody to know.

Thank you for reading.

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