Man Shot in Benton Park West While Walking His Dog Is Recovering

Oct 25, 2017 at 10:15 am
Tim Galos was shot while walking his dog in Benton Park West. - PHOTO VIA GOFUNDME
Tim Galos was shot while walking his dog in Benton Park West.
Shot down while walking his dog, a south St. Louis man is still trying to make sense of what he believes was a random attack.

Tim Galos was hit in the chest around 9:30 p.m. on October 16 as he and his dog, Heather, wandered along Oregon Avenue near Cherokee Street in Benton Park West. The gunman was a stranger, according to the 27-year-old.

In a hospital bed interview with KMOV, Galos says he was immediately struck by the injustice.

"It was a feeling of unfairness at first," he tells the news station. "Which is an odd feeling to feel, but it was like, 'What the hell?' You know? This isn't right. This isn't fair."

Friends have donated to a GoFundMe page to help Galos cover his medical bills while he heals. The bullet fractured his ribs, nearly hitting his heart before passing through his lung and into his shoulder where it cracked his scapula, according to a description on the page.

"Despite the recent increase in crime in his area, Tim has not given up on the community he loves," his friends wrote on the page. "He is always looking for ways to improve his neighborhood, and the lives of all of those who are members of it."

Galos told KMOV he hopes to return home today after more than a week in the hospital, but he'll probably need a few more months of therapy.

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