Man Who Molested Relatives to "Educate Them About Love and Sex" Loses Court Appeal

Leonard Cannafax is currently in year two of a 25-year sentence. - Mo. Dept. of Corrections
Mo. Dept. of Corrections
Leonard Cannafax is currently in year two of a 25-year sentence.
The following is not for the squeamish, yet it appears here to illustrates just how depraved people can be.

Last week, the Missouri Court of Appeals upheld a Greene County Circuit Court's 2009 conviction of Leonard Leroy Cannafax on six counts of fondling two of his three female relatives with his hand and raping and molesting the third child on multiple occasions.

According to court records, Cannafax told authorities he had committed the sex acts not for his own enjoyment, but to educate the relatives about love and sex.

Although Cannafax admitted he touched the genitals of the two elder relatives, he denied he actually penetrated either of them. He further stated that if he could feel them getting wet, he "pulled [his] finger out of there."

In his appeal, Cannafax argued that he couldn't be charged with statutory sodomy of the eldest relative because the fondling occurred prior to August 28, 2000, when penetration had to be proven in order to make molestation an act of "deviant sexual intercourse." However, in its review of the case, the appellate court found enough evidence to believe that Cannafax was abusing the relative past August 2000 and had likely penetrated her in so doing.

Cannafax also argued that the oldest relative's testimony that he touched her "near where she went pee" was not enough to prove he touched her vagina and that he shouldn't be placed under lifetime supervision following his eventual release from prison because his raping of the youngest relative (touching her with his penis in her "pee pee" and "poo poo" area, according to court records) occurred prior to a 2006 law requiring such sex offenders to be monitored until their deaths.

The court denied both those claims as well.
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