Manny Being Manny, Being Suspended

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The fallout from the suspension of Manny Ramirez is coming hard and fast now. 

Peter Gammons was on television this morning, telling everyone that he fully believed that Manny was not taking steroids, that the drug he has been suspended for was for a personal issue. Wait. Peter Gammons kissing the ass of a player from his beloved Red Sox? Never! 

Of course, we
Now those are some serious 'roid tits. 
Now those are some serious 'roid tits. 
And over at Deadspin, AJ Daulerio has a curious tale of woe to tell you, about how he almost broke this story months ago. But for some problems with a packing label, we might very well have gotten a totally different version of this story coming out. 

So what do I think? Oh, I have no idea just yet. Do I believe the Hall-of-Fame journalist, the 'roid king of Oakland, the formerly jailed writer, or the current lord of sports blogdom? 

Personally, I think Manny probably did it. On the other hand, if there's one player in all of baseball that I could see taking something without having any idea what the effects could be, or what kind of trouble he could get into, or even why he's supposed to be taking whatever it is in the first place, Manny Ramirez is probably the guy. So, you know, maybe he really is just kind of an idiot. 

Then again, probably not. Too much smoke, from too many quarters that we've learned not to doubt. I think there's a fire here. 

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