Mardi Gras: What Happens When You Search for Your Baby's Father on St. Louis Craigslist?

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"Dark haired guy I hooked up with... You NEED to call me."

So reads the title of a St. Louis Craigslist post that went up on Sunday night. "I'm pregnant. I think you said your name was eithe [sic] Mark or Steve.... We need to figure out what to do about this situation."

Where'd they meet? Soulard Mardi Gras.

Daily RFT contacted the author to find out if she wanted help publicizing her search and maybe give an anonymous interview. We got this e-mail back: "I want you to know that the post regarding a young woman looking for her Mardi Gras Baby Daddy is a fabrication. More of my sheer curiosity to see how a young woman would be judged on a bad decision, leading into a bad situation."

We did end up talking to the 30-year-old male behind the post, who shared with us the fairly horrifying results of his bizarre social experiment.

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First, here's a screengrab of the post, which has since been taken down.

The post was flagged in under 24 hours. But not before the imposter got a lot of replies -- a whopping total of nearly 30 e-mails back.

Were they from dark-haired, concerned potential fathers? Not one.

The replies, which the Craigslist poster shared with Daily RFT, are mostly from creepy dudes who, for some reason, have terrible, mean things to say to an anonymous woman allegedly searching for her child's father on the Internet.

Here's one example from a guy named Rob: "seriously? Wow what a slut..n then u hope to find the dad on craigslist but dont even know his name? And much chemistry he doesnt talk to you and u dont have his # lol omg"

And another: "See what getting drunk gets you???? Dumbass didn't think about the consequences.What a whore."

The other category of responses were guys looking for sex. Exhibit A: "Damn. This is a hot story. ;) fucked by a random guy then knocked up? May I buy you a few drinks?"

To get a full taste of the horrible world of people on Craigslist, we've compiled all of them below. But first, what's up with the guy behind the post?

Continue for our interview with the anonymous poster and for more replies.

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