Mardi Gras: What Happens When You Search for Your Baby's Father on St. Louis Craigslist?

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No last name? Occupation?

Wow glad it's not me n if he's smart he'll run

u slutty kunt u deserve to have a bastard for a child

Damn I feel for you.

Wow I am sorry hun but I dont think you will ever hear from this guy if you lead with the fact that you are pregnant if you didnt even learn each others names and he hasnt called you he is probably not going to raise a child with you this isnt hollywood.

Hi There, Did you see the moon tonight? ;) [this one came with a butt pic]

lol good luck with that lemme know if he steps up

Sexy Sexy: My husband wants to hook up with a preggo chick wanna see his pic

Wow. Not him but can we chat?

Ha ha you got knocked up you Hoosier

Are you serious?

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Slut! You better keep him/her.

See what getting drunk gets you???? Dumbass didn't think about the consequences.What a whore

Damn. This is a hot story. ;) fucked by a random guy then knocked up? May I buy you a few drinks?

Hey, now that you're pregnant you don't have to worry about getting pregnant. Wanna have some hot steamy sex? I lick pussy and ass if you're clean. I'm 27, Irish, and average/athletic. Let me know what you think.

Pic so i know its you

I'm 32 dark hair 6'3 220 fit muscular. Professional great paying job. No kids recently divorced, Im interested if you don't find him.

that guys an ass. Sorry I had to say it...if he doesn't hit ya up drop me anemail. Lol

your so full of shit. your funny. If you slept with him and don't even know his name.....then you slept with many this how you try and get a guy to stay with you.....I would say your TRASH and a WHORE.....lmao!!!!!

Do you have a pic?

would u like to talk and trade pics, im a father and know what its like to be a parent

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