Mark Buehrle Tosses a Perfect Game

Jul 23, 2009 at 3:23 pm
Just a few minutes ago, Mark Buehrle, the lefty from the Chicago White Sox who just also happens to be a St. Louis native, completed the eighteenth perfect game in baseball history. 

Congratulations to Mark, who actually attended college three minutes from my childhood home. Of course, my congratulations come with just a twinge of bitterness, as I can't help but think he should have done this in a Cardinal uniform. After all, didn't we hear constantly from him for most of his career how much he wanted to someday pitch for the Redbirds? Then he goes and signs a big extension with the White Sox. By now, he could have been free of the horrid bonds of Chicago, pitching here in his native city. Sigh. Oh, well. 

All half-joking sour grapes aside, it was the first perfect game I've ever had the pleasure to see the end of live, and I'm ecstatic it was one of our own who tossed it. 

Congrats, Mark. Hell of a game.