Mark Worrell: A Legend in His Own Mind

Mark Worrell just can't seem to shut the hell up. Seems to have an awfully high opinion of himself, too. 

First, it was Dustin Mattison over at the Cardinals' site on the Scout network that he was complaining to; he was traded shortly afterward. Problem solved, right? He was upset that he didn't get much of a shot here, that the Cardinals didn't like him, that he wasn't respected, that he was handled badly.

So he was headed off to San Diego, part of the still-to-be-completed package for Khalil Greene, and he should have been happy. Right? 


Apparently Worrell just didn't get the memo that when you get traded, it's best to clam up and let bygones be bygones. Just last week, he gave an interview to the Palm Beach Post in which he once again went after the Cards for not giving him a shot. 

"I'm just excited to have an opportunity to be able to prove myself, because every year I put up great numbers and so far I feel like I didn't get a fair shot,'' he said. "Hopefully all of that changes. I look forward to getting a fair shot.''
Is it the worst thing a player has ever said about his former team? No. Not by a long shot. But Worrell seems to still be hung up on how badly he was treated; you don't need to look real hard to spot the bitterness when he keeps using the phrase "fair shot" over and over again. 

Look, I'm a fan of Mark Worrell; well, I was a fan, anyway. Love the delivery, thought he had the stuff to make a name for himself. Hell, even though I didn't agree with the way that he did it, I thought he probably had a point; the guy did more than enough to justify getting more of a look at the end of the 2008 season. I don't know if pitching coach Dave Duncan or skipper Tony La Russa or someone doesn't like the funky delivery or what, but there just didn't seem to be much interest in what Worrell brought to the table. Even as purely a righty specialist, a pitcher certainly has some value. They didn't much seem to see it that way. 

At this point, though, the guy needs to give it a rest. The fair shot thing? Give it up, man. It didn't happen here. You want to prove the Cardinals were wrong? Go to San Diego, make the team. The Cards and Padres play six times this year; I'm sure you'll get your chance to hurt the Cardinals. You can make them regret the decision. Just take care of business against them, and you win. 

Until that happens, though, and you do something worthwhile, Mark, you're just whining. And I don't think too many of us are very interested in listening to it anymore.

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