Marty Sigillito, Convicted of Biggest Ponzi Scheme in Local History, Wants a New Trial

May 4, 2012 at 9:00 am
Bishop Martin Sigillito wants a new trial
Bishop Martin Sigillito wants a new trial
Last month, a federal jury convicted Martin Sigillito (a lawyer and American Anglican bishop) of running a $66 million Ponzi scheme.

Now, he feels he deserves a new trial. The reason: "sustained governmental misconduct."

In a motion filed Wednesday, Sigillito's attorney, Doug Roller, argued that federal prosecutors "improperly influenced the jury" by referring more than once to Bernie Madoff (a slimeball who needs no introduction). Roller also alleges that they intimidated an expert defense witness, and allowed victims to talk about the case outside of trial.

Read the filed motion after the jump.

Sigillito Moves for New Trial