Matt Holliday Already Spending Some of His $120 Million, Buying TVs For Jupiter Clubhouse

Feb 25, 2010 at 2:58 pm
click to enlarge Ooh, la la! A flat screen.
Ooh, la la! A flat screen.
Best pearl in the Post-Dispatch's sports pages today comes toward the end of a meandering Rick Hummel column in which the Hall-of-Fame baseball writer notes that Matt Holliday has purchased two new flat-sceen TVs for the team's clubhouse in Jupiter.

This just days after Holliday joined the club after signing a $120-million contract in the off-season.

Writes Hummel:
Noting the presence of only one tiny television on a shelf in the clubhouse, Holliday asked equipment manager Rip Rowan if Holliday could buy a couple of flat screen televisions so the Cardinals' players could track March Madness basketball after their work day was done.

Rowan got permission from club officials to have two new televisions in the clubhouse, and his staff provided the brackets to hang them on pillars, one at each end of the clubhouse.