Mayor Slay Weighs In On Smoking Bans

Jan 6, 2009 at 2:38 pm
My post last week on Mayor Francis Slay's 2009 legislative agenda and its failure to address smoking in city bars and restaurants generated quite a few comments.

Most readers of this blog -- it would seem -- disagree with my proposal that the mayor work with St. Louis County and/or state officials to ban on a regional or state-wide level smoking in taverns and eateries.

So what does the mayor think? A few days after I posted my thoughts, Slay blogged his opinion on smoking bans. You can read his comments after the jump.
From Slay's January 4 blog:

A reader of this blog wrote in to ask that I repeat my position on smoke-free restaurants in the City. That's fair enough. I do not smoke. I prefer dining in smoke-free restaurants. I wish every restaurant in the City were smoke-free by its own choice. With that said, I would support a national, statewide or City/county policy that restricted smoke in restaurants. I would not support a local ordinance that put restaurants in the 62 square mile area of the City at a financial disadvantage to their unrestricted competitors in St. Louis county by requiring that only City restaurants install expensive air-handling technologies or banning smoking.

-- Chad Garrison