Mayor Slay's New Solution For Pretzel Problem: Boycott Bad Vendors, Buycott Ol' Man Kunkel

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click to enlarge The free-market will resolve Pretzel Problem 2010 -
The free-market will resolve Pretzel Problem 2010
On Tuesday, Mayor Francis Slay proposed (via blog post) a new small-government method for solving South City's pretzel crisis on Jamieson Avenue. Here are his basic premises:

  • The City is too busy to constantly enforce every single minor "nuisance" ordinance.
  • They will step in, however, if enough people complain.
  • Octogenarian Joe Kunkel quietly sold pretzels on the median at Fyler for 30 years.

  • Nobody complained, so he was allowed to stay. 
  • Recently, nearby pretzel vendors began to deploy more aggressive sales tactics.
  • Folks complained to the City, so the City had to step in.
  • Enforcing the law equally, they booted ALL vendors, even old man Kunkel.

If you think this is tantamount to throwing out the baby with the bathwater, here's what our mayor thinks you should do: buycott Joe Kunkel, and boycott the hard-sellers. Get what you want, Slay argues in effect, by selectively using your wallet, not your phone.

How's that for a free-market Democrat?

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