Mets Fan Weighs In on Cardinals Hype

Larry Borowsky's Cardinals blog is a great read. Typically that's because Borowsky is a very good, very knowledgeable writer, and because he's got the go-to blog for diehard Cards faithful -- the sort who log in while the game is on to conduct the blog equivalent of a mass IM orgy. (Here they are in full flower during Game 7 of last year's NLCS.)

But today's elbirdos comment-fest is a special treat thanks to a Mets fan, Danny1986, who happened by to school the hometown crowd on Winners' Etiquette:

As a Mets fan, I want to first give congrats to the Cardinals on taking advantage of the opportunities granted to them last October. Winning a WS after barely completing a .500 season is impressive and truly an anomaly.

But I do want to alert you Cardinal loyalists to something that is very evident at this moment to everyone outside the 314 area code: Your team is not very good.

This is clear to those outside cardinal nation who are not blinded by the excessive celebration your organization and city feels is necessary on this opening series against your hated rivals. You celebrate how you want, but there's a clear indication that perhaps you just don't know how to win with class....

It goes on. ("You guys are overdoing this celebration to the level of disrespect, and it's angering a sleeping giant who only an idiot would deny is far more talented and athletic than you.") Well worth reading in its entirety.

Not surprisingly, Danny's declaration ruffled a few red feathers. Here's the full thread; scroll down to "Brooms" and go from there.

In the end, Borowsky interceded:

Update [2007-4-4 16:21:1 by lboros]: it's 2:15 p.m.; i'd like to propose that we just cede the argument to Danny1986. it's not that we all haven't been edified by that exchange, but you can have too much of a good thing. . . . i for one --- and i'm sure i speak for many --- think it's time to just congratulate danny and the mets on their two wins to open the season, and move on to more interesting subjects of conversation . . . . .[end update]

Fun while it lasted, though.


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