Michaels Store in Brentwood Apologizes For Telling Breastfeeding Mom to Leave

Jul 31, 2014 at 9:30 am
click to enlarge "Please don't make us leave, Michaels!" - Shingleback via Flickr
"Please don't make us leave, Michaels!"

Employees at the Brentwood Michaels caused a stir on social media this week after telling a nursing mother she had to go outside to breastfeed, despite the store's policy.

Jessa Marie says she and her mother were shopping for supplies her daughter's first birthday party when she realized her daughter needed to nurse. An employee told her she should go outside, where summer temperatures were in the 90s, which violates both the store's policy and a recently adopted state law.

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After Marie refused to go outside and talked to a manager, an employee turned a chair in the craft room toward a wall and told her she could nurse there.

Here's Marie's account:

Marie returned the $120 of party supplies she bought from Michaels and filed a complaint.

The store responded Tuesday with an apology:

Under Michaels' Facebook apology, Marie thanked the customer who stood up to the Michaels employees and said she should be able to nurse at the store:

Hello, I am the mother who was asked to nurse outside at the Michael's Store. Thank you very much for your apology, I greatly appreciate it. I think it is important to note that it was not one associate but two associates and a manager who had an issue with me breastfeeding in the store. It was a customer who came to my aid so that I was able to nurse in the craft room. That being said, I am so happy to learn that Michael's has a wonderful policy in place for nursing mothers, and applaud you for making sure that this is known throughout the company so that nothing like this ever happens again. Thank you!!

Here's Marie's final update on Facebook:

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