Michelle McGee: Woman Who Broke Up Sandra Bullock, Jesse James Discusses "15 Minutes"

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There she is, Miss McGee. - michellebombshell.com
There she is, Miss McGee.
She went to school to become a coroner, but her dozens of tattoos kept her from getting a job slicing up corpses. So Michelle "Bombshell" McGee started dancing in San Diego strip clubs. Last year, she contacted Jesse James' West Coast Choppers hoping to get a gig modeling for his Garage Magazine.

Instead she found herself in a romantic relationship with James -- an affair that would soon end the biker's marriage to actress Sandra Bullock. Now, McGee is on tour, telling her side of the story to the media and showing customers at gentlemen's clubs all that James saw in her.

Prior to her shows tonight and tomorrow at PT's Sports Cabaret in East St. Louis, McGee took time out to talk to Daily RFT.

Daily RFT: How exactly did you and Jesse meet?

McGee: Through Myspace. I sent West Coast Choppers a friend request last year about modeling for the magazine and got a response right away from Jesse. We ended up emailing and texting for week before I met him.

And how long were you together?

Physically, about six to eight weeks. We talked for about eleven months.

In an interview last week you lashed out at James for blaming Sandra for his cheating, but didn't you know he was married?

Yes. He made a move on me and tried to kiss me. I stopped him and asked about his wife. He said they weren't together anymore and they were getting a divorce.

You have a lot of tattoos, Jesse has a lot of tattoos. Was this relationship forged by ink?

People think that everyone with tattos likes each other. That's not true. For Jesse and me, I know it was deeper than that. He's into cycles. I'm into that whole hot-rod and motorcycle culture. I think we had a lot in common. 

He's recently been linked to another tattooed beauty, Kat Von D. Do you think he confused the two of you?

People often confuse Kat and me, though I think Jesse just has a type -- heavily tattooed people. I think he probably knows the difference between us.

You're performing tonight and tomorrow at PT's. What can the audience expect from your act?

I do a lot of pole tricks, though I don't think PT's has poles, which is little intimidating. But I have a routine I've been working on. It should be a lot of fun.

One of the few places you don't have tattoos is on your breasts. Is there a reason for that, and is it that clients would complain that you're not fully exposed during your topless dances?

No. I just like to leave perfection alone.

So what's next for you? Is this going to be fifteen minutes of fame or will it lead to something bigger?

Some have said that my fifteen minutes is up. But I'm hoping it lasts a bit longer -- perhaps sixteen or seventeen minutes. I'm just trying to make the best of a situation I feel I was thrust into.

Any ideas of what you want to do?

I'd like to perhaps get into acting. I was a huge fan of Elvira back in the days. I'd love to do something like she did, be a late-night host for horror movies.  

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