Milton "Skip" Ohlsen Pleads Guilty to 2008 Clayton Parking Garage Bombing

Sep 12, 2012 at 10:39 am
Milton "Skip" Ohlsen has pleaded guilty to charges stemming from 2008 Clayton parking garage bombing
Milton "Skip" Ohlsen has pleaded guilty to charges stemming from 2008 Clayton parking garage bombing
Milton "Skip" Ohlsen, III -- one-time MMA promoter and political operative whose shady campaign tactics sped the downfall of state senator Jeff Smith -- pleaded guilty yesterday to four charges related to the 2008 bombing inside a Clayton parking garage.

His intended target on that fateful day was Richard Eisen, an attorney representing Ohlsen's ex-wife, Michelle, in their divorce. But Ohlsen planted the bomb next to the wrong car, and it nearly killed attorney John Gillis.

The deal between Ohlsen and federal prosecutors will put Ohlsen behind bars for 20 years. U.S. District Judge Richard Webber said he'll sign off on the deal at sentencing.

However, it appears from the Post-Dispach coverage that Ohlsen himself has not accepted the outcome of the proceedings:

Ohlsen.... appeared Tuesday to be positioning himself for more litigation. He made special mention of retaining his right to appeal based on ineffective assistance of his lawyers and prosecutorial misconduct. When the judge asked if he understood the charges, Ohlsen responded, "I believe I do," instead of providing a simple yes or no.

Asked if there were any witnesses on his behalf who weren't contacted, Ohlsen replied, "Not before we proceed today, sir."

Asked if any threats had been made to force him to plead guilty, he responded, "Not that I'm aware of," adding "only "threats to prosecute." He elaborated under questioning that he was referring to things said when he was being interviewed by investigators before charges were filed.
Ohlsen has a special place in our hearts here at the Riverfront Times: When authorities searched his bachelor pad in 2008, they found a poster board that apparently served as his shit list. Two of our reporters, Kristen Hinman and Chad Garrison, made it on the list (they'd written stories about him).

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