Milton "Skip" Ohlsen Sentenced: Twenty Years in Prison for Clayton Parking Garage Bombing

Milton "Skip" Ohlsen
Milton "Skip" Ohlsen

More than four years after Milton "Skip" Ohlsen bombed a Clayton parking garage in a failed attempt to target his ex-wife's divorce attorney, the 41-year-old suspect has been formally sentenced.

Officials announced today that Ohlsen will spend twenty years behind bars, marking an end to a drawn-out criminal case -- in which the suspect, first indicted in 2011, originally pled not guilty.

In September, he admitted to planting the bomb that nearly killed attorney John Gillis -- not his intended victim.

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At RFT, we first wrote about Ohlsen regarding his time as an MMA promoter and then as a political operative who played a key role in the downfall of State Senator Jeff Smith.

Milton "Skip" Ohlsen.
Milton "Skip" Ohlsen.

We gave him enough attention that not one, but two RFT reporters even ended up on a supposed hit list investigators uncovered at his bachelor pad.

In his plea last September, Ohlsen addmitted that on October 15, 2008, he transported a bomb to the parking garage at 190 Carondelet with the "intent that the bomb would cause death or serious bodily injury to the intended victim."

He had concealed the explosive device in a gift basket, which he placed next to an Acura TL that he thought belonged to his target.

But when Gillis, the actual owner of the car, went to his vehicle the next day, the bomb exploded, causing him permanent bodily injury.

Ohlsen's plea included one felony count each of "transportation of explosive with intent to injure, malicious use of an explosive device, being a previously convicted felon in possession of an explosive and possession of an unregistered destructive device."

He appeared today for sentencing.

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