Missouri Car Dealer Who Gave Away AK-47's, Now Protesting NFL Over Treatment of Rush Limbaugh

click to enlarge Mark Muller - Self portrait via cnsnews.com
Self portrait via cnsnews.com
Mark Muller
Remember Mark Muller? He's the owner of Max Motors outside Kansas City who made headlines this summer for giving away an assault rifle with the purchase of any truck from his dealership.

Muller is now back in the news. This time he's publicly airing his gripe with the National Football League over that he calls its "inappropriate" handling of Rush Limbaugh's attempt to purchase the St. Louis Rams.

"...to have the commissioner of the NFL get on TV and say we find [Limbaugh] inappropriate, well, by God, then I'm an inappropriate fan," states Muller, who says he's canceling his season tickets to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Muller tells Cybercast News Service that he was first turned onto the NFL because of Limbaugh.

"Then one day [Limbaugh] was talking about football and he was a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan at the time, talking about Terry Bradshaw and the glory days. He made a comment. He said, 'If you want to see America at its best, if you've never been, go to an NFL football game,'" recalls Muller.

"I went home, and I said, 'Honey, let's go to an NFL football game. We went and saw our first Kansas City Chiefs game, on Rush's advice. It was so incredible. It's moving. We made a decision about our finances, and we decided that if we gave up everything in our life at the time we could buy two season tickets, no more dinners out, nothing. We became season ticket holders."
Muller says his decision never to attend another NFL game is taking a toll on his family, but he's sticking to his guns, er, assault rifles.

"All day we talked about football and Rush Limbaugh, and by that night at dinner my wife broke down in absolute tears, and we decided to cancel our tickets, to never go to another game."

Hat tip to Daily RFT reader Ed Duval for pointing us to this news bit. 

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