Missouri Democrats Planning a Josh Hawley-Inspired 5K Run

The race is scheduled for next week

Jul 22, 2022 at 1:51 pm

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley's infamous chicken run has inspired the Missouri Democratic Party to plan a race outside the political sphere.

The Jan. 6 Committee showed a video last night of Josh Hawley running away from the Jan. 6 rioters just hours after he raised his fist to them in solidarity. In response to mass calls for a Hawley-inspired run, The Missouri Democratic Party will host a "Hawlin' Hawley" 5k. The organization announced the move on Twitter.
"Love the 5k idea guys, workin' on it," the group tweeted earlier this morning, adding the hashtag "#haulinhawley."

Shortly after that, the organization posted the above announcement with more details to come. And for those who don't love to run, the MO Dems posted organizations to donate to in place of participating, including Girls On The Run, Project Athena and Back On My Feet.

Hawley has not publicly acknowledged his flight, other than tweeting the "😘" emoji alongside a link to the mugs he's selling with him raising his fist to the crowd he ran from.

UPDATE: The Hawlin' Hawley 5K will take place July 25 to July 31, the organization announced. The Missouri Democratic Party has planned a virtual run, and tickets cost $25. The ticket cost doubles as a fundraiser. Register online here.

"Let’s fundraise with as much vigor as Hawley’s cowardly hustle," the website reads. "While he might be going places in that video, he isn’t in real life. Hawley's representation is embarrassing for all Missourians, much before his jaunt across the world."

The group is also planning to launch merch.

And if the run isn't enough, we recommend scrolling through all the jokes Twitter has made about Haulin' Hawley:

This article has been updated to change "Missouri Democrat Party" to "Missouri Democratic Party."