Missouri Democrats Unhappy With Koster's Brief Over Health Care

Apr 12, 2011 at 4:01 pm
Chris Koster: Missouri Democrats are not smiling back.
Chris Koster: Missouri Democrats are not smiling back.
If you haven't heard yet, yesterday Missouri's Democratic attorney general, Chris Koster, filed a friend of the court brief in a Florida lawsuit in which 26 other states attorneys general are suing to block enforcement of the federal health care law passed last year.

In his motion yesterday, Koster argued that the mandate requiring all Americans purchase health insurance violates the Constitution and conflicts with a referendum passed last August in Missouri rejecting health care reform.

According to Koster, the mandate "would imbue Congress with police powers rejected by the Founding Fathers and never before permitted by the Supreme Court."

Koster's sudden interest in the case -- after remaining silent for months -- immediately drew criticism from Missouri Democrats, who have never quite trusted the attorney general. Koster was a Republican until switching parties in 2007.

"I don't think the Democratic party should tolerate statewide officials undermining the party," wrote Adam Shriver yesteray on his left-leaning blog St. Louis Activist Hub. "I have no interest in voting for Koster after this pathetic pandering. I hope people who actually believe in the values of the Democratic party can find a good primary challenger who would at least give us a decent candidate to vote for in November 2012."

The unofficial blog of the Missouri Democratic Party, Fired Up! Missouri, called Koster's briefing "disappointing."

Koster has also earned the ire of workers-rights organization Jobs with Justice, which stated yesterday that the attorney general is "more interested in politics" than the health of people in his state. Meanwhile, the Missouri Democratic Party has been completely silent on the issue.