Missouri Gas Prices Lowest In Country: Why.

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The scribes at Slate have taken it upon themselves to explain to the rest of the country – and probably to a few Show-Me State residents – why gas prices remain relatively low in St. Louis and the rest of Missouri.


Like the global market for crude oil, local gas prices are dependent on a variety of factors. According to AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report, the average price regular unleaded gas Missouri is $3.84 per gallon. Compare that to $2.93 a year ago at this time, and it's a steep climb. But when compared to the national average today - $4.04 a gallon – it might feel like a discount. (OK, probably not).

''Taxes, pipelines, and ethanol'' are three reasons why gas prices here are low, writes Slate's Jacob Leibenluft. Our location helps too. Just across the Mississippi River in Roxana, Illinois is the ConocoPhillips Wood River Refinery, which is the midst of a mammoth expansion that will accommodate more crude oil. That project is being upheld over the U.S. EPA's rejection of the company's request to pollute the air more so than it already does, as residents of the historically cough-inducing Madison County have received national support.

Back in Missouri...

If you're wondering where the cheapest gasoline is sold in a city that's located in the cheapest-gasoline-state, you'll have to go to Costco, at 101 Costco Way & Veterans Memorial in St. Peters, where gas was listed as 3.81 a gallon this morning. This is no hot tip from the guy the behind-the-counter, but the information pulled from stlouisgasprices.com, a site with user-submitted content. (So drive there at your own risk).

There are other options to paying for high gas prices. You could always take the Metro Link. Or the bus. Or a bike. Or walk. Or car pool. Or move closer to work.

- Nick Lucchesi

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