Missouri Has Two of the Seven Most Anti-LGBT Legislators; Can You Name Them?

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ThinkProgress.org has issued a ranking of the most anti-LGBT legislators in the Republican party (House of Representatives division), and while Kansas Representative Tim Huelskamp claimed the top spot, Missouri is the only state to place two members of Congress on the list. You'd think the deep South would have some strong representation here, but Georgia was the only state below the Mason-Dixon Line to make the list. 

The standard for making the list was the number of proposals sponsored or co-sponsored that discriminated against LGBT rights in some way. Huelskamp had his name on six such proposals, while the rest of the list all had five to their credit. Knowing that, can you name the two MO congresspersons who made the list?

Did you guess Rep. Todd Akin (Second District, Ballwin, Chesterfield and points west/northwest)? He's one of 'em, and Rep. Vicky Hartzler (Fourth District, between Kansas City, Columbia and Springfield) is the other. Hartzler was the spokeswoman for Missouri's constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, so her making the list in her first term in the House probably shouldn't be a surprise. 

Of course, supporters of the work these two are doing will be quick to point out that being "bad guys" on a list created by ThinkProgress.org isn't anything of which they should be ashamed. Rep. Akin, however, notes in his official biography, "Todd has consistently voted to protect freedom and individual responsibility." Except when someone's gay, right Todd? No freedoms for them.

As for Hartzler, here she is addressing the topic of gay marriage. I don't know how you back up the leap from wanting same-sex marriage to being equivalent to three-year-olds driving, but if you can do so, have at it in the comments.

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