Missouri History Museum Blog Dishes Out Old News. God Bless It!

Apr 22, 2010 at 4:18 pm
click to enlarge Bagnell Dam, circa 1931
Bagnell Dam, circa 1931
Perhaps it's the history major in me. Or maybe it's that I occasionally grow tired of scouring the interwebz all day in constant search of the latest news to report back to you dear, dear reader of Daily RFT.

Whatever the case, I've recently enjoyed reading the "news" of yesteryear as chronicled in the new blog of the Missouri History Museum, historyhappenshere.org.

In recent weeks the blog has published posts on the building of the Bagnell Dam, the story of Helene Britton, the female owner of the St. Louis Cardinals during the early 1900s, and that primitive form of blogging: the Pony Express in Missouri. 

What's more, the blog invites readers to submit their own stories, such as a Frenchman recently did when recalling how his ancestors once owned a home on the site of the zoo's aviary. And you can bet it was news -- 100-plus years ago -- when the city tore down his house to build a bird cage. Heck, some blogger named Joseph Pulitzer may have even written about it.