Missouri Only Sort Of Cares About CrossFit, So You Can Shut Up About It Now

May 27, 2014 at 8:00 am
click to enlarge Missouri sort of cares about CrossFit. - Ali Samieivafa on Flickr
Missouri sort of cares about CrossFit.

When it comes to CrossFit, the new fitness craze that combines gymnastics, springs, jump training and Olympic weightlifting into short-but-brutal workouts, Missouri's reaction can be summed up in three letters: Meh.

Real estate site Estately analyzed each state's love for the get-fit-quick trend and ranked them accordingly. Missouri landed right in the middle, tying with Alaska at No. 24 (out of 51) between No. 23 Pennsylvania and No. 26 Mississippi.

Estately used three metrics to determine which states just couldn't shut up about CrossFit (Colorado and Hawaii) and which had never even heard of it (The Dakotas.) Those metrics include: the number of residents for each CrossFit affiliate gym, the number of Facebook users expressing interest in CrossFit and the Google Trends Score for online searches of "CrossFit."

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CrossFit is undeniably a tough workout, but there's one part that's super easy: talking about it non-stop.

But people in Missouri aren't doing a lot of talking. Missouri ranked lowest in the number of people talking about Facebook with their friends. Only 5.88 percent of people on Facebook in Missouri mention Crossfit, pushing Missouri down into the third quartile with a ranking of 33 out of 51.

Who Facebooks about CrossFit the most? Massachusetts apparently talks the most talk, with 7.5 percent of people on Facebook talking about CrossFit.

"The most obnoxious CrossFit participants are in Massachusetts, a state that came in first for posting about it on Facebook, but is just 17th in terms of actual CrossFit affiliates per resident," says Estately. "That's a lot of talk, but not much action."

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The word "CrossFit" also has a middling Google Trend score, meaning people aren't searching much for tips on how to do handstand pushups and one-legged squats. Missouri ranked No. 27 in terms of how often residents search CrossFit in Google/

But if you are into CrossFit, you're in luck. Missouri ranked No. 20 for the number of residents per CrossFit gym, with 49,140 people for every affiliate.

So in honor of Missouri's ambivalent approach to the nation's hottest exercise craze, here's a look at a CrossFit workout:

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