Missourians Support Weed Legalization, Eric Schmitt, New Poll Finds

Emerson/Hill poll reveals 48 percent of voters favor the November marijuana initiative

Oct 4, 2022 at 11:13 am
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Jamila Jackson
A new poll shows that a plurality of voters support recreational marijuana legalization in Missouri.

Though some recent polls have found mixed results for recreational marijuana legalization, the latest one shows a plurality of voters support the initiative.

Emerson/Hill found that 48 percent of voters support the initiative, Amendment 3, with 35 percent against and 17 percent undecided. The organization interviewed 1,160 Missouri voters over a four-day span from September 23 to 27.

The poll, which has a 2.8 percent margin of error, comes after various polls have predicted conflicting results for the November ballot measure. Last week, SurveyUSA released a survey that showed overwhelming support for Amendment 3, with 62 percent of Missouri voters saying they will vote ‘yes.’ In September, Remington Research Group and Missouri Scout found the opposite result — that only 43 percent of voters favor it.

The ballot initiative would allow people over 21 to purchase and possess up to three ounces of cannabis. But it has received mixed results across party lines, with Governor Mike Parson calling it a "disaster" and the Missouri Democratic Party saying it won’t take a stance on the issue.

Many advocates for legalization have disapproved of the current ballot measure — arguing it will unfairly prop up the current medical marijuana license holders, creating an inequitable, monopolized industry.

The Emerson/Hill poll also found that Missouri Attorney General and Republican nominee Eric Schmitt holds an 11 percent lead over Democratic nominee Trudy Busch Valentine. About 10 percent of voters are undecided. Schmitt holds a large advantage among people over 50, who represent 60 percent of voters.

“Schmitt’s support is driven by voters who say the economy is the top issue; these voters break for Schmitt 71% to 18%,” said Executive Director of Emerson College Polling Spencer Kimball in a statement. “By contrast, those who say threats to democracy is their top issue break for Busch Valentine 68% to 22%, and those who said abortion access break for Busch Valentine 79% to 5%.”