Mizzou Drug Deal Goes Hilariously Wrong

Mar 16, 2012 at 10:51 am
Antwine Jackson, at the center of all the excitement.
Antwine Jackson, at the center of all the excitement.
Campus Lodge is a "student living community" in Columbia that offers a 24-hour fitness center, a "play action" swimming pool, a free X-Box & DVD library and tanning beds. What it doesn't offer is smooth and professional drug deals.

This is what happens when college kids watch all five season of "The Wire" in one semester.

According to police, Antwine Jackson was invited to Campus Lodge around midnight on Thursday for a drug deal. He showed up, went to the back bedroom of the apartment to see the marijuana, then headed back to the front door to admit two associates. Both of these independent businessmen were wearing ski masks and armed with pistols. These fellows covered the other party and snatched up the pot.

Then it goes pear-shaped.

There was a gunshot. The robbery victims tell police they believe it was an accidental discharge; perhaps it was a celebratory "We're pulling this off!" shot, or maybe it was just nerves. Regardless, no one was hit.

Jackson and Co. then leave the apartment. From the hallway, the apartment residents hear another shot.The residents are not sure what this portends.

Police are duly called to the scene to investigate what these crazy college kids are up to now. While conducting the investigation, they're informed by their colleagues that there's a victim at an area hospital who seems to have suffered a gunshot wound. Would they care to visit him and inquire about his well being?

Yes, they would. At the hospital they meet Antwine Jackson, who had been shot in the side by one of his partners. Jackson was treated for minor injuries and released into police custody on one count of armed criminal action and robbery in the first degree. His bond has not yet been posted.

There is no word as yet on the whereabouts of his partners. Perhaps if the police listen very carefully they'll hear more random shots, which will lead them to the hideout.