Mizzou Football: A Third of Players, Two-Thirds Coaches To Be Arrested at Current Rate

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click to enlarge Roar! I'm in jail.
Roar! I'm in jail.
Wait - ANOTHER Mizzou football player got arrested? Before the season has even started?

Yes: Derrick Washington -- the senior tailback who scored 10 touchdowns and rushed for 865 yards last year -- turned himself in to Boone County authorities yesterday right after being charged with felony sexual assault.

Wow. Let's look at who else has gotten Mizzourah-rrested before opening kickoff:

Jarrell Harrison (safety) -- shoplifting at Spencer's Gifts
Will Ebner (linebacker) -- driving while intoxicated
Beau Brinkley (long-snapper) -- driving while intoxicated

And let's not forget co-offensive line coach, Bruce Walker -- driving while intoxicated

If four players and one coach get arrested before every subsequent game, then here's the tally by the final contest against Kansas:

11 games x 4 players = 44 players (out of 110 total) = a third of players in cuffs.
11 games x 1 coach = 11 coaches (out of 18 total) = two-thirds of coaches in cuffs.

Hope we have some depth this year. (gulp!)

According The Maneater in Columbia, head coach Gary Pinkel made this assessment:

"We've done a good job of building a reputation for running a first class discipline program, so I'm embarrassed that we've taken a few of these hits," Pinkel said. "The system works, we just had some mistakes, and I'm responsible for that."

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