Mizzou Tickets On Sale, Mizzou Unis On Point

The Missouri Tigers football team is nearing the open of the 2012 football season, their first as part of the Southeastern Conference. I'm going to start previewing this year's squad from an on-field perspective next week in preparation; today I just have a couple items of interest to share. 

First off, for anyone interested, Tigers' SEC home game tickets will go on sale tonight at 6 pm on the Missouri Tigers' website. Considering the size of Faurot Field compared to even the average SEC stadium and the way SEC teams tend to travel, I would recommend you get your tickets as early as possible. They won't last long. 

The home games on the slate for Mizzou this year are: September 8th against Georgia, October 6th against Vanderbilt, October 13th versus Alabama, and Homecoming on October 27th against Kentucky. Non-conference game tickets are already on sale. 

The other thing I would like to point out is that the Tigers' new uniforms (Nike has taken over the uni contract), were recently named the sixth-best in college football by complex.com, a very cool design website. (The Oregon Ducks take home top honors, which shouldn't be too surprising, considering all the attention the Ducks' unis grabbed during bowl season.) 

Personally, I think Mizzou should have been a spot or two higher; I'm not particularly fond of the Arkansas uniforms, and the Northwestern colors are kind of iffy as well. But that's splitting hairs. The fact is, the Tigers' new Nike threads are wicked cool. I particularly love the angled tiger stripes on the uni pants; that's a very cool look. I love the dark helmets with the large yellow tiger graphic, but I will miss the large M on the side. The glossy black helmets with the yellow center stripe don't really do it for me. 

click to enlarge Tell me those wouldn't look amazing with the Mizzou M on the side. 
Tell me those wouldn't look amazing with the Mizzou M on the side. 
I'm hoping in the near future the Tigers come up with a helmet in that sweet dark mirror finish the Oregon team sported last year; put the large M on the side of one of those, combine it with the big yellow tiger as an alternate, and you've got pretty much perfect uniforms. Or just do the large tiger in the dark mirror look as well. Either way. 

See, this is a really perfect avenue of discussion for me; I can talk about what is essentially fashion but still keep my testosterone levels up because it's also football. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what they refer to as, "The Zone." Or The Groove. I don't quite remember which one. 

In similar fashion, I'm now going to go rebuild the engine in my Camaro while wearing assless leather pants and listening to the new Scissor Sisters record. It's going to be a good day. 
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