Mizzou's Fan-Made Rally Song Is An Abomination

I have heard songs by Rebecca Black, Tito Jackson and Rascal Flatts, and I can say without hyperbole that this Mizzou rally song is a million times worse than all of those things combined.

It's not just the inane beat and sing-song lyrics, nor is it the dancing -- oh, Lord, the dancing. No, it's the absolutely wretched acting during the song's introduction that sinks this right from the get-go. The Lonely Island guys have elevated awkward lip synch and self-conscious gestures to an art form, but the guy in the white #24 jersey makes Just 2 Guyz look like Earth Wind and Fire.

Not surprisingly, KU has already responded with a devastating rebuttal.

It's difficult to believe the storied rivalry between these two schools ends this way -- with KU on top.
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