MLB TV's Super Hilarious Matt Vasgersian Reminds Everyone That He Hates St. Louis

May 12, 2009 at 2:07 pm
Admit it. You love Matt Vasgersian. I know I do.

Not because he's a decent human being, mind you, or even because he's all that good at his job. However, the former San Diego Padres' play-by-play announcer is pretty much always good for a laugh, and that's really good enough for me. 

Mr. Vasgersian is the guest this week on Deadspin's Deadcast and he's got a lot to say. Including, at long last, the reason that he hates St. Louis so much: "I hate downtown St. Louis... build a friggin' convenience store, somewhere in downtown St. Louis. It's a bad hotel town, in fact it's a really bad hotel town..." He rambles on from there, but raises a good point -- when are they going to build something where Ballpark Village should be?

(To be fair, he may be on to something there.) Skip to the 41-minute mark to hear the St. Louis portion of the interview.

Vasgersian's less-than-complimentary comments about St. Louis first were posted back in 2007, when he said on-air:
I'm done with this [St. Louis]...I'm so tired of losing here.....It's hotter than shit......We get our asses kicked every time we come here .....I'm not coming here next year.
But wait, he was just joking around with his co-workers in the broadcast booth. Phew.

Then comes the latest round of totally hilarious St. Louis bashing. So get your yucks and enjoy the sound of a Vasgersian being palpated.