Mo. Legislator Wants 24-Hour Wait for Abortions; Mothers Informed of Pain to Fetus

Missouri's Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday heard a bill that would place new restriction on abortions.

The bill, sponsored by state senator Rob Mayer (R - Dexter), would require a woman to obtain material 24-hours prior to an abortion that details the risks of the medical procedure and the physiological characteristics of a two-week-old fetus.

The woman would also be required to know the gestational age of the fetus at the time of the abortion and be allowed to view an ultrasound or listen to the heartbeat of the unborn child. If the woman is more than 21 weeks pregnant, she must also be informed of possibility of the abortion causing pain to the unborn child."
The bill further requires a woman to sign a checklist that she received the material and is aware of abortion alternatives prior to going forward with the procedure.

A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood told the Associated Press yesterday that the bill was an unfair burden and said much of the information is already available.

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