Mo. Speaker-Designate Tim Jones on Aurora Shooting: Let's Fight Violence with More Guns

State Representative Tim Jones (R-Eureka) went on KMOX 1120AM yesterday to talk about how laxer gun laws might have abated the shooting in Colorado... oh and also to slam those selfish, dirty hippies who would dare politicize [i.e. talk about reforming gun control laws] this completely unrelated tragedy.

I'm sorry, I just don't see the connection. In fact, I think if someone had been in that movie theater and had been exercising their second amendment rights a little bit more, we might not have had so much bloodshed. You know, I mean, there's a point where you say, why do we have to wait for the police to show up to clean up the mess and the disaster after all the blood had been shed?

We bet George Zimmerman would've said the same thing.

Jones also criticized State Representative Stacey Newman, of sassy penis joke fame, for suggesting that the federal government should revisit a ban on assault weapons the day after the shooting.

First of all I think it's unfortunate that my collegue decided to immediately jump into a tragedy like this within hours of it occurring for, I guess, political purposes. I know that Representative Newman is locked in a very heated primary battle and perhaps she is trying to outflank her opponents on the left.

Nevermind that Jones actually appeared on The Mark Reardon Show that morning to defend expanding Second Amendment rights. So did Jones appear on the radio because he too needs to campaign for a tough primary? No, he's not.

"I'm not aware of any instances where someone who is a law abiding citizen with a conceal and carry permit has been involved as a perpetrator in a crime."

We gotcha, bro. According to the Violence Policy Center, there have been 462 deaths in this country as a result of concealed carry permit holders since May 2007. What's that? They weren't law-abiding citizens? Well yeah, that's what happens when you perpetrate a crime, Jones. You're not a law-abiding citizen anymore, are you?

I think Americans who are smart enough to make decisions for themselves, law abiding Americans, should have the choices and the freedoms to decide how to exercise what they want in the area of the Second Amendment.

No argument there. Except that the Aurora shooter, James Holmes, had been a law-abiding until just after midnight on July 20, when he wasn't anymore.

When asked about conservative columnist Bill Kristol calling for tighter regulation of assault weapons and anti-ballistic gear, Jones said he very much disagreed.

You kind of start going down that slippery slope where you start saying we need to restrict this, well maybe you need to restrict this as well. And then maybe you need to start talking about how much ammunition people can buy. And then you're talking about what kind of hand gun you can purchase.

Yes exactly. That's why common sense, even with all the Second Amendment rights our forefathers bequeathed upon us, dictates that we can't own grenades or personal missiles. Because it's a slippery slope into crazy.

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