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"The Solid Man," William Muldoon.
"The Solid Man," William Muldoon.
In 1881, William Muldoon wrestled Clarence Whistler in a bout that lasted seven hours and ended in a draw because neither man could produce a fall. Muldoon and Whistler fought twice more, with the third meeting in 1883 being a four-hour match that only ended when Muldoon broke Whistler's collarbone by slamming him to the mat. Whistler wanted to continue grappling, but his doctor and the police denied him.

Muldoon went on to star with Maurice Barrymore in a stage production of As You Like It, and then did a turn on Broadway, playing the Fighting Gaul in Spartacus. Wrestlers, you see, have always been in the entertainment business, one way or another.


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