Blasts Senator Claire McCaskill for "Repeating Republican Talking Points"

Jul 9, 2009 at 3:42 pm
click to enlarge McCaskill stumping for Obama last fall in St. Louis. -
McCaskill stumping for Obama last fall in St. Louis.
I was forwarded an interesting email today from, the political action committee formed back in 1998 to rally around Democratic causes.

The group is sending out emails today to its Missouri members urging them to phone Sen. Claire McCaskill with the message: "stop repeating Republican talking points about clean energy."

According to MoveOn's email, McCaskill has stated recently on Twitter and radio that President Barack Obama's clean-energy bill is bad for the economy. Meanwhile, argues that clean energy is the solution for Missouri's economy, not the problem.

The proposed legislation aside, what's most interesting about this (at least to the outside observer) is that McCaskill was one of the first Democrats on a national stage to endorse Obama and has remained a steadfast supporter.

Now to be called out like this by Seems pretty ruthless. But then, guess that's why they call it politics.