Mr. Woody: Appropriately-Named Parkway Central Coach Busted for Having Sex With Teens

A former Parkway Central basketball coach was arrested yesterday for sexual misconduct with two teenage girls. He was charged with eleven counts of statutory rape and four counts of statutory sodomy. His name is Brent Michael Woody.

Make of this what you will.

Woody allegedly had sexual relationships with two teenage girls over the past two school years, one lasting fourteen months, the other for five. Both girls were fifteen at the start of the affairs, hence the statutory rape charges, though Chesterfield police say that both relationships were consensual.

At Parkway Central, Woody coached ninth grade girls basketball and was an assistant coach for the track team. He also sometimes worked as a substitute teacher. Chesterfield police declined to say whether the two girls were his students or, uh, played on his teams, but Parkway Central's administration is suitably embarrassed.

At least they can take comfort in the fact that none of the alleged hanky-panky happened on school grounds. Police say that Woody invited the girls to his home in Creve Couer or took them out to the Chesterfield Valley Recreation Athletic Complex.

Principal Tim Gannon sent out an e-mail yesterday assuring parents that the school was doing everything it could to help the police with their investigation. Woody had passed a background check when he began working at Parkway Central, but had not applied to work there for the upcoming school year.

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