#MuteBuck Promises to Give You a Joe Buck-Free World Series

click to enlarge The pride of St. Louis.
The pride of St. Louis.

Joe Buck, of course,  is the sort of sports announcer who believes fans want to hear the auditory equivalent of beige. The St. Louis native maintains a steady, monotone delivery that is perfect for Competitive Paint Watching and horrible for any sport that features excitement or action, such as when an underdog team snatches victory from the clutches of a previously unbeaten team in the dying moments of the biggest game of the year.

So why would you want to watch any World Series that he's narrating? Up until now, the answer would have been because you love baseball, and you have no choice.

But a pair of Buck critics are offering an alternative for this year's Royals/Mets matchup. It's called #MuteBuck.

The idea behind #MuteBuck is simple. You watch the game on Fox, per usual, but instead of listening to Buck state the obvious, you simply mute your television and stream the #MuteBuck commentary instead. 

The service started not as a livestream, but a petition. When Royals fans Patrick Marriott and Adam Jones heard that Buck had been chosen as part of the team broadcasting this year's World Series, they drafted a petition on change.org titled "MuteBuck." It was an immediate hit with fellow Buck critics.

Jones tells Newsy that the Change.org service was set up so he'd get an email any time someone new signed the petition. Almost immediately, "I was getting 12 to 15 emails a minute," he says. "It was insane." As of press time, they've attracted more than 13,000 signatures.

But the story doesn't end there. Jones is the CEO of a KC-based IT firm called Firefly Services Inc. So rather than bask in their petition's success and leave it at that, he and Marriott set up the #MuteBuck stream at Rabble TV. You can make tonight's game Buck-free via the site.

Now, in fairness, the #MuteBuck stream isn't meant to be neutral. Jones and Marriott are unabashedly rooting for the Royals. They're having fun doing it — and goofing off all along the way. It's cheeky rather than determinedly informative.

But hey. If you wanted an announcer whose best anecdote involves dry cleaning, or whose watch bears the inscription "watch," you'd be perfectly happy with the pride of St. Louis Country Day School — and you certainly wouldn't be reading a story about how to get a Joe Buck-Free World Series.

For the rest of you, well, ain't technology great?

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Sarah Fenske

Sarah Fenske is the executive editor of the RFT and its sister papers. She is the former host of St. Louis on the Air and continues to host its Legal Roundtable, as well participating as an occasional panelist on Nine PBS' Donnybrook. She lives in St. Louis.
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