MySpace Bully Talks Back (Maybe)

My fellow staff writer Keegan Hamilton was unable to reach Lori or Curt Drew for his story last week on the hanging death of thirteen-year-old Megan Meier. Lori Drew’s voicemail box was full, and no one answered the door at the couple’s home on Waterford Crystal Drive.

Other journalists -- from the New York Times to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch -- also failed to get comment from the Drews.

Megan Meier
Megan Meier

Megan Meier
But now, for the first time since their story became international news last month, Lori Drew (or someone claiming to be her) is telling her side. The comments come on the inflammatorily named blog Megan Had It Coming.

I can’t vouch for the credibility of the blog, but it is curious that the comments were posted yesterday -- December 3 -- the same day St. Charles County prosecutor Jack Banas announced he would not seek criminal charges against the Drews.

On the blog, the author who purports to be Drew identifies herself as the creator of "Megan Had It Coming" and turns the tables on the Meiers, writing that she created the fake MySpace profile of a sixteen-year-old named “Josh” to protect her daughter from Megan Meier’s cyber-bullying.

Then came the MySpace attack. Not the one you're reading about in the news, but the one that started this whole thing. After the final break-up in their friendship, Megan coordinated a MySpace attack on my daughter. Since she didn't have access to MySpace herself, she had to work through friends. I wasn't too surprised because I knew that Megan was grounded from MySpace the previous year after she made a fake profile with a friend to go prank and bully a classmate they didn't like.

The blog post states that Lori Drew and several other people created the “Josh” MySpace page in order to monitor Megan.

A couple of weeks went by and Megan was buying it. We were surprised at how she could be so nice to “Josh” and still have an undercurrent of negativity when she talked about school friends.... When Megan started talking about being in love and wanting to do boyfriend/girlfriend stuff with “Josh” I got concerned.

Things got out of hand when Megan allegedly began using MySpace to once again attack Lori Drew’s daughter.

That's when I decided I would have to teach Megan a lesson and give her a taste of her own medicine. I decided that I would shut down the Josh account, and not be nice about it. Megan's feelings be damned, and to hell with her consequence!

A few hours later, the blog post author says, she was startled to hear sirens disrupt their quiet neighborhood in St. Charles County.

That night I saw the ambulance lights at the Meier house, and then I saw them take Megan out on a stretcher. I was stunned and horrified. I wasn't sure what had happened, and when they had said Megan tried to kill herself, I didn't believe it.

Drew reportedly tried to make amends with the Meiers following the incident but the family wouldn’t let it go.

As for the media coverage and cyber-threats that have bombarded the Drews since the story went international, the poster is not backing down. She ends her 2,900-word missive this way:

Here I am, internet. Come get me.

Regardless of whether the author is Lori Drew, the blog post is attracting attention. As of this writing, nearly 1,200 readers have commented. Most seem to believe wholeheartedly that the author is indeed Lori Drew. And most haven’t changed their feelings.

“You are one sick bitch,” reads one anonymous comment. “Goddamn you.”

-Chad Garrison

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