Naughty List: Missouri Ranks 5th in the U.S. for Longest Duration During Sex

click to enlarge Missourians are having sex longer than 45 other U.S. states. - via
Missourians are having sex longer than 45 other U.S. states.

Big data has hit the bedroom.

Our tantric trysts have earned Missouri a fifth place spot on a state-by-state ranking of how long it takes to have sex. With an average duration time of four minutes and 22 seconds, Missouri comes in just behind No. 4 South Carolina and before No. 6 Michigan.

Don't worry, Daily RFT hasn't been spying in your bedrooms. This data comes from a new app called Spreadsheets (get it?), which uses your phone's accelerometer and speakers to record duration, thrusts and decibel peak during sex.

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"Spreadsheets was created to approach sex in a way that is both light-hearted and improvement oriented," says Danny Wax, Co-founder of the app, to Nerve. "We wanted to create an app that entices users to have some fun with their partner and share in that afterglow experience, while encouraging open dialog and feedback."

Wax shared the stats of the 10,000 early adopters who are using the app to check-in to their own sexy times, and Nerve ranked all 50 states and the District of Columbia by their average duration time.

If Missouri's four-minute time seems a little short to you, keep in mind the app doesn't cover foreplay. Plus, despite what your friends tell you about their own sexual endurance, studies show sex typically lasts between three and thirteen minutes.

Want to see how Missouri stacks up? Read the next page for the complete ranking.

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