NBA Player Captures Cop's Kind Act in Photo, Proves "Not All Police Officers Are Ferguson"

Sep 11, 2014 at 7:00 am
An officer in Ferguson peers down the scope of his rifle at an unarmed, peaceful crowd. - Danny Wicentowski
Danny Wicentowski
An officer in Ferguson peers down the scope of his rifle at an unarmed, peaceful crowd.

Roy Hibbert says there's a lesson to be learned from his Instagrammed photo of a police officer giving a pair of boots to a homeless man.

"Not all police officers are what you hear about in Ferguson," the Indiana Pacers center tells Buzzfeed.

Here's his photo:

Hibbert says he was a few cars away when the officer pulled a pair of boots out of his cruiser and gave them to a homeless man holding a sign. The man appeared to thank the officer, who got back in his car and drove away, Hibbert said.

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Little did the officer know, Hibbert snapped a photo of the encounter and Instagrammed it to his 180,000 followers with this caption: "Just seen an Indy police officer pull over. Go into his trunk n give a homeless guy a pair of shiny boots. #COPS"

A month after the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown, repercussions from the weeks-long, heavily militarized police response to protesters in Ferguson have prompted responses from the local to the national level, including in Washington, D.C., where lawmakers are investigating why municipal police forces have military-style equipment.

Hibbert's photo is a refreshing reminder of how police officers can help a community -- something that resonated with the thousands of people sharing the photo after weeks of stories about cops swearing at, threatening and tear-gassing people.

Hibbert also says he'd like to give the officer tickets to an upcoming game as a sign of appreciation.

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