Never Mind Concert Tickets -- The St. Louis Symphony Has the Perfect Holiday Gift

It's still 25 days till Christmas, but Hanukkah starts tomorrow, and hoo boy does the St. Louis Symphony have a gift for you! No, it's not music. Which would actually be pretty nice. No, the Symphony has teamed up with Build-a-Bear Workshop to create a special symphonic Build-a-Bear.

It does not wear the musicians' uniform of black tie and tails or a black dress. Nor does it play an instrument or hold a baton. (A David Robertson awesome would that be?) Instead it comes clad in a pair of jeans and a St. Louis Symphony t-shirt, an outfit that would draw only scorn from other patrons of Powell Hall. Yes, it has a fur coat, but bear is not especially fashionable. Anyway, that fur is clearly synthetic.

The bear does, however, profess to be a music-lover. Just look at its happy, dopey grin. Also, if you press its hand, it plays "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik".

The bear is available at the Powell Hall gift shop. It costs $28 and comes with a birth certificate.

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