News Alert from Cow Country

Hot diggity dog! Unreal has just received word that the state of Missouri is set to issue its first-ever license plate depicting livestock.

That's right, folks, the Department of Revenue already issues plates featuring bald eagles, bluebirds and deer, and soon (for a mere 40 bucks) you'll be able to get your very own moo-cow plates.

The catch? At least 200 people must sign up via Missouri's Cattlemen Foundation. Not to worry, though, organizers tell Unreal they've already collected requests from more than 100 beef-lovers.

Good thing, because Unreal has gone into a meaty lather thinking up all the vanity plates we'd like to apply for...MILK ME...BRK BAK...BIG MAC...mmmm, mmmm, good!

Two more choices are after the jump.

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