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The Year in Review: A Quiz

Dec 29, 2004 at 4:00 am
1. Fed up with one too many accusations from St. Louis School Board member Bill Haas, interim superintendent Bill Roberti responded by:

a) Throwing a bucket of water on his head.

b) Placing a hex on him.

c) Wagging his finger and threatening him.

d) Suing him for slander.

2. What was the exact wording of Missouri's gay-marriage amendment?

a) "To be valid and recognized in this state, a marriage shall exist only between a man and a woman."

b) "Sex between two members of the same sex is hereby considered really, really gross."

c) "To be eligible for marriage, the chick must have a vagina and the dude must have a penis."

d) "A marriage between two members of the same sex is against the law."

3. At the Miss USA pageant, Shandi Finnessey said the craziest thing she had ever done was:

a) Having a three-way with Miss Arkansas and Mr. Universe.

b) Wrestling a greased pig.

c) "Entering this silly, superficial beauty contest."

d) Accepting a dare and eating three super-size Big Mac meals in a row.

4. Where is country-music superstar Gretchen Wilson from?

a) Waterloo, Illinois.

b) Milstadt, Illinois.

c) Hamel, Illinois.

d) Pocahontas, Illinois.

5. What will the name of the Cardinals' new ballpark be?

a) One Way or Another, You'll Pay for It Stadium.

b) Busch Stadium.

c) Boeing Field.

d) Mark McGwire Highway Park.

6. U.S. Representative Lacy Clay announced in March an addition to the city's downtown mass-transit system. What is it?

a) A monorail.

b) Moving sidewalks.

c) Rubber-tired faux trolleys.

d) A fleet of Segways.

7. Twenty-fourth Ward Alderman Tom Bauer proposed using eminent domain to make way for what at the intersection of Manchester and McCausland?

a) A QuikTrip.

b) A new Metro bus station.

c) A Sam's Club.

d) A memorial to the region's Iraq war casualties.

8. What was the name of the huge locomotive that rolled into Union Station this summer?

a) Columbia.

b) Rover.

c) Challenger.

d) Erector.

9. To what was Ray Cummings referring when he said, "It's almost like being inside of a beehive"?

a) Opening day of the new Crate and Barrel.

b) Vashon High School.

c) The Cardinals batting lineup.

d) Nelly's bedroom.

10. At a Regional Chamber and Growth Association dinner in January, former Missouri senator Thomas Eagleton tossed one of the following barbs. Which one?

a) "If Donald Rumsfeld remains secretary of defense, I'll move to Baghdad and become the chief of police."

b) "If Condoleeza Rice becomes secretary of state, I'll move to Baghdad and open a Christian ministry."

c) "If Attorney General Ashcroft becomes Chief Justice Ashcroft, I'll move to Baghdad."

d) "If Vice President Cheney becomes president, I'll move to Baghdad with his daughter and open a PFLAG office."

11. "It's like putting a size-twelve foot in a size-seven shoe." Who said this?

a) Walter Geter, a trucker fired from his job because he couldn't fit behind the steering wheel.

b) St. Louis interim superintendent Bill Roberti, on the budget crisis facing the city schools.

c) Ashanti, on the problem of intercourse with Nelly.

d) A female Albert Pujols fan, on his tight pants.

12. Match the local author with his or her book:

1. Eric Brende.

2. Carl Phillips.

3. Susan McBride.

4. Ridley Pearson.

5. Jonathan Franzen.

a) How to Be Alone.

b) Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology.

c) The Body of David Hayes.

d) Blue Blood.

e) The Rest of Love.

13. What did Archbishop Raymond Burke cite as the most significant cause of sexual abuse within the church?

a) Society's hedonistic culture.

b) Flirtatious choirboys.

c) The vow of chastity.

d) Tight pants.

14. Who is St. Louis native Kimora Lee Simmons married to?

a) Ted Simmons.

b) Richard Simmons.

c) Gene Simmons.

d) Russell Simmons.

15. Who is Ray Arvidson?

a) An ace Louisville Cardinals pitching prospect.

b) The real name of rapper Murphy Lee.

c) A Washington University scientist involved in the Mars Rover mission.

d) A vocal fundamentalist preacher opposed to the gay-marriage amendment.

16. Who was the winningest thoroughbred trainer this past year at Fairmount Park?

a) Ralph Martinez.

b) Jimmy Zook.

c) d) Wayne Lukas.

d) Penelope Ann Miller.

17. "I was a millionaire on paper for a while. The market isn't what it once was, and I am not currently a millionaire." Who said this?

a) Televangelist Joyce Meyer.

b) Wal-Mart heiress Paige Laurie.

c) Former nightclub owner and current felon Bill Stallings.

d) Local Republican presidential candidate Blake Ashby.

18. Where are Barack Obama's parents from? a) Mother from Kansas, father from Kenya.

b) Mother from Texas, father from Portugal.

c) Mother from Chicago, father from South Africa.

d) Mother from Bethlehem, father Lord God Our Savior.

19. Match the celebrity with the offense:

1. Murphy Lee.

2. John Carney.

3. Republican state representative Charles Portman.

4. Congressman-elect Russ Carnahan.

5. Terry Schnuck.

a) DUI and leaving the scene of an accident on Interstate 40.

b) Operating an unregistered boat.

c) Possession of marijuana and driving while intoxicated.

d) DUI and leaving the scene of an accident in south St. Louis county.

e) Leaving the scene of an accident.

20. Archbishop Raymond Burke: "This is a big deal. The virgin must be firm in her desire." To what was he referring?

a) Britney Spears' marriage to Kevin Federline.

b) A Wash U. sorority's hazing ritual of sacrificing a pledge during rush.

c) A nun's vow of chastity.

d) The Catholic ritual of a woman marrying Jesus Christ.

21. The reason five-year-old Kobi Dickerson gave for wearing his seatbelt while taking a joy ride in his mother's car was:

a) "Driving a car is serious business."

b) "It's illegal to drive without wearing a seatbelt."

c) "I didn't want police to pull me over."

d) "It's the only way I could see over the dashboard."

22. This summer, the St. Louis Health Department cited which local drinking establishment for the lack of a proper business license and selling unsafe ice cubes?

a) A U. City lemonade stand.

b) Talayna's Pizza.

c) A Soulard Market soda vendor.

d) Larry Flynt's Hustler Club.

23. What is the new moniker of the former McRee Town neighborhood?

a) Monsanto Park

b) Botanical Heights

c) Pottersville

d) Willart Vista

24. After a stump speech for Democratic senate candidate Nancy Farmer, Senator Hillary Clinton was forced to apologize for her "lame attempt at humor." What did she say?

a) Martin Luther King "needed to bone up on his Ebonics."

b) Kit Bond "is a corn-fed Hoosier."

c) Mahatma Gandhi "ran a gas station down in St. Louis."

d) Nancy Farmer "better stay away from my husband."

25. Who threw a wrench into the plans to reopen the Kiel Opera House this year?

a) Reverend Larry Rice.

b) Ed Golterman.

c) Fox Associates.

d) Bill Laurie.

26. Who did Nelly not do a duet with this year?

a) Tim McGraw.

b) Christina Aguilera.

c) Ashanti.

d) Jaheim.

27. "Francis did it, but he looked pretty unhappy about it," said Ed Rhode, Mayor Slay's press secretary. What was Francis forced to do?

a) Eat a pound of Boston baked beans while wearing a Red Sox hat after the Cardinals were swept.

b) Steer the first hit of the wrecking ball on the Century Building.

c) Shake Bill Haas' hand at a Board of Education meeting.

d) Wear a Carolina Panthers jersey at a mayor's conference in Washington, D.C.

28. What was the average August temperature in St. Louis this year?

a) 69.8.

b) 73.6.

c) 78.9.

d) 83.4.

29. Which was not a feature of Larry Rice's proposed homeless complex in the L. Douglas Abrams Federal Building?

a) A dozen 27-inch flat-screen televisions.

b) Day center with storage lockers and showers.

c) A laundry-service room.

d) A state-of-the-art performance facility.

30. What is Bryan Cave?

a) A series of possessed tunnels beneath Saint Louis University that were the original inspiration for The Exorcist.

b) An accounting firm accused of fudging the Renaissance Hotel books.

c) A law firm that is receiving tax incentives to stay downtown.

d) The new Judd Nelson film shot in abandoned St. Louis water tunnels.

31. Who produced J-Kwon?

a) The Track and Fieldz.

b) The Track Starz.

c) The Track Boyz.

d) The Track Racerz.

32. Why did St. Louis native Andrea Mackris do to make national headlines this year?

a) She accused FOX News commentator Bill O'Reilly of sexual harassment.

b) She leaked a CIA operative's name to William Novak.

c) She attempted to throw a pie in Ann Coulter's face.

d) She was Rush Limbaugh's OxyContin connection.

33. Which is not a new tenant of the Old Post Office?

a) Webster University.

b) HOK Architects.

c) St. Louis Public Library.

d) The Pasta House Co.

34. For what purpose did Senator Jim Talent propose lighting the Arch pink?

a) To express his opposition to the gay-marriage amendment.

b) "Pink is the new silver."

c) Issues of national security, economics and health reform aren't as fun to sponsor as a pink Arch.

d) To promote breast cancer-awareness month.

35. During a radio interview, Nelly said this: "Kelly has a nice shape on her. I gotta get at her." Which Kelly was he looking to bag?

a) Ripa.

b) Rowland.

c) Preston.

d) Clarkson.

36. Who won the X-Prize?

a) SpaceShipOne.

b) DaVinci Project.

c) Jenna Jameson Space Systems.

d) Enterprise Robotics.

37. Who said this about whom: "I thought he was cute -- not anymore"?

a) A former Nelly fan who says he's "played out."

b) Katie Wolfmeyer on Mike Danton.

c) Mike Danton on his agent, David Frost.

d) A disgruntled female Cardinals fan on Joe Buck.

38. Emergency responders used a robot to blow up what near the Arch?

a) A six-pack of Pimp Juice.

b) A letter bomb.

c) A Ryder truck.

d) A jug of orange juice.

39. Which Post-Dispatch topic did general assignment reporter Todd C. Frankel not cover?

a) A Virgin Mary image in a hardwood floor.

b) Lily, the grouchy groundhog.

c) Daffodil patterns along highways.

d) A prankster who convinced strangers to send letters to his mom.

40. What did St. Louis City Excise Commissioner Bob Kraiberg propose installing in Soulard?

a) A permanent shrine to the Soulard Mardi Gras.

b) A billboard warning drinkers on the dangers of alcohol.

c) Security cameras to watch the area's alleyways.

d) A trolley system.

41. Match the rhyme with the rapper.

1. Chingy.

2. Nelly.

3. Murphy Lee.

4. J-Kwon.

a) "She started feelin' on my johnson right out the blue/Girl you super-thick so I'm thinkin' that's cool."

b) "I like my booties and my boobs like a capital letter 'B'/That's how it is, how it better be."

c) "She wanna fly south for the winter/I might just go down south just to win her."

d) "After the club we can check in at five-star telly/Get a suite an let me put somethin' in your belly."

42. What was Rams wide receiver Torry Holt filmed doing during halftime on Monday Night Football?

a) Applying a banned steroid lotion onto his legs.

b) Wearing a pink tutu.

c) Making out with a Rams cheerleader.

d) Urinating in the Green Bay Packers' water cooler.

43. In August, local lawyers Gary Burger and Mark Cantor were arrested for flourishing dangerous and deadly weapons. What were they doing?

a) Pretending to be terrorists in order to raise awareness on security vulnerabilities around the Arch.

b) Roaming through an office building trying to shoot each other with toy guns.

c) Attempting to sneak onto a Lambert runway to hijack a Cessna.

d) Making a fake kidnapping video to extort money from a client.

44. Which star of the hit film Garden State grew up in St. Louis?

a) Zach Braff.

b) Natalie Portman.

c) Peter Sarsgaard.

d) Ian Holm.

45. What is the Missouri Two-Step?

a) A police practice of questioning a suspect twice, once before the Miranda warning, and then once afterward.

b) A police practice of soliciting and receiving oral sex from a male prostitute and then arresting him for performing homosexual acts.

c) A police practice of arresting a female suspect and making her dance to an R. Kelly song.

d) A police practice of setting up fake roadblocks and pulling a driver over when they attempt to exit before encountering it.

46. Who didn't sue local technology company 321 Studios this year?

a) Nintendo.

b) Universal Studios.

c) Sony PlayStation.

d) TDK recordable DVDs.

47. In April, Ron and Tina Otten of Granite City had sextuplets. Which is not one of their names?

a) Madison.

b) LaKeisha.

c) Tyler.

d) Rileigh.

e) Joshua.

f) Jacob.

g) Isabella.

48. "They suck our blood, so we get to be nasty right back." Who said this?

a) School board member Vince Schoemehl, on St. Louis elementary school students.

b) Regional Commerce and Growth Association director Dick Fleming, on his hiring a vampire as an advisor to combat Chicago's regional success in attracting new investment.

c) Area blood specialist Dr. William Barry, on efforts to control the rabid bat population.

d) Mark Ritter of the city health department, on efforts to combat the mosquito problem.

49. Who is the current acting superintendent of St. Louis Public Schools?

a) Floyd Crues.

b) Rudy Crew.

c) Pamela Hughes.

d) Huey Lewis.

50. Which word did St. Louis-area spelling-bee champ Rajiv Tarigopula misspell in the nationals?

a) Xenial.

b) Katana.

c) Nerd.

d) Photeolic.

51. Clayton banned which of the following from outdoor dining patios?

a) White plastic chairs.

b) Smoking.

c) Glass bottles.

d) Mullets.

52. What did Jefferson County police discover in a High Ridge water tower?

a) A methamphetamine lab.

b) A two-headed snake.

c) A stash of ricin.

d) Two tons of marijuana.

53. Steak n Shake sued Burger King in St. Louis U.S. District Court. What was Steak n Shake's complaint?

a) Burger King stole their strawberry shake recipe.

b) Burger King stole a SpongeBob SquarePants inflatable from atop a Steak n Shake.

c) Burger King's use of the phrase "Take home a sack."

d) Burger King's use of the words "steak burger" to describe Burger King's new offering.

54. Why did Wyland Elementary Cub Scout Pack 765 kick out Christopher Irby?

a) He is retarded.

b) He is gay.

c) He couldn't earn his fire-safety merit badge.

d) He is African-American.

55. What was the "illegal weapon" that prompted National Parks Service guards working security duty at the Gateway Arch to write Jim Floersch a $150 ticket?

a) A concealed handgun.

b) A jug of explosive orange juice.

c) A pocketknife.

d) Nunchucks.

56. In which weight class does boxing champ Cory Spinks fight?

a) Heavyweight.

b) Welterweight.

c) Light heavyweight.

d) Flyweight.

57. To what was St. Louis Police Chief Joe Mokwa referring to as a "nice Sunday event"?

a) The Annie Malone parade, during which six people were shot.

b) A drunken Mardi Gras celebration in Soulard.

c) The Saint Patrick's Day celebration during which Baton Bob was arrested.

d) Archbishop Raymond Burke's coronation.

58. Which of these local celebrities didn't get a star on the walk of fame this year?

a) Harold Ramis.

b) David Sanborn.

c) Mary Wickes.

d) Ann Peebles.

59. Who was William B. Ittner?

a) A famed architect who built historic city schools.

b) The former city planner who devised the 1947 comprehensive city plan.

c) The inventor of Switzer's red licorice.

d) A historian who claimed Lewis and Clark were homosexual lovers.

60. What were the first names of Lewis & Clark?

a) Jerry and Dick.

b) Meriwether and Nathaniel.

c) Meriwether and William.

d) Meriwether and Richard.

61. In March, 45 students at Lafayette Elementary School contracted food poisoning. What caused it?

a) Salisbury steak and tater tots.

b) Corn dogs and French fries.

c) Turkey and potatoes au gratin.

d) Fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

62. What was Ricky Clemons allegedly given by a coach that resulted in NCAA penalties?

a) A new ATV.

b) $250.

c) $3,000.

d) The unlisted phone number of University of Missouri-Columbia athletic director Ed Stewart's wife, Amy.

63. Why was Rams cornerback Travis Fisher sued this year?

a) For allegedly canceling a check for an ex-girlfriend's abortion.

b) For an alleged hit-and-run in front of Mike Shannon's downtown restaurant.

c) For reneging on a sponsorship deal with Dirt Cheap Liquors.

d) For back taxes.

64. What illness sent John Ashcroft to the emergency room?

a) Patriotic cancer.

b) Gallstone pancreatitis.

c) Acute satanic possession.

d) Boogie fever.

65. Researchers at Washington University's Genome Sequencing Center sequenced the genome of which animal this year?

a) The red jungle fowl.

b) The nematode worm.

c) The great Dane.

d) The Ozark hellbender.

66. Which was not a new Anheuser-Busch product in 2004?

a) Bacardi Silver.

b) B-to-the-E.

c) Boo-Yaa Ultra.

d) A-B World Select.

67. Who is Elena Martinez?

a) Gretchen Wilson's Hispanic half-sister.

b) Paige Laurie's roommate who did all of her homework at the University of Southern California.

c) A local American Idol contestant.

d) A Washington University law-school graduate who's now assistant to U.S. Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales.

68. Cory Spinks is the son of Michael Spinks.

a) True.

b) False.

69. Which line does St. Louis clothing manufacturer Kellwood make?

a) Phat Farm.

b) Ralph Lauren.

c) Sean John.

d) Karl Lagerfeld's H&M line.

70. Who is Eric Yoder?

a) A former Wash. U. law student who's now assistant to U.S. Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales.

b) A local author who advocates minimizing reliance on technology.

c) A local yoga instructor accused of preying on his students.

d) A SLU graduate who competed on American Idol.

71. What is the fastest-growing county in the St. Louis area?

a) Lincoln County.

b) St. Charles County.

c) St. Louis County.

d) Madison County, Illinois.

72. How did state House Majority Leader Jason Crowell respond to criticism from Democratic representative Rick Johnson during a budget meeting?

a) He wagged his finger threateningly.

b) He prayed aloud that the representative burn in Hell.

c) He spit into the microphone.

d) He threw a book at him.

73. What was Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association heavyweight wrestling champion Gorgeous Gary Jackson's persona before he adopted the "Gorgeous" moniker?

a) Gracious Gary Jackson.

b) Nite Train.

c) Pipe-Hittin' Motherfucker.

d) The Ass Ranger.

74. Why was WGNU talk show host Lizz Brown stuck in Ghana?

a) Her engaging theories on racism riveted locals, who forbade her from leaving.

b) A Ghanaian caller threatened to blow up the plane.

c) School-board member Vince Schoemehl had her put on a terrorist-watch list.

d) Her airline was grounded due to safety concerns.

75. Which retail store does the May Company not own?

a) Famous Barr.

b) Marshall Fields.

c) Saks Fifth Avenue.

d) Lord and Taylor.

76. What were the last words of Post-Dispatch columnist Jerry Berger in his final column?

a) "Do I still get free meals?"

b) "See you around, babe."

c) "A special thanks to all the busboys out there!"

d) "Thank you and goodbye!"

77. What is the name of St. Louis's premier crime tabloid?

a) The Daily Menace.

b) The Evening Whirl.

c) Sauce.

d) The Globe-Democrat.

78. Who threw out the first pitch this year at the Cardinals opener?

a) President Bush.

b) Jonathan Franzen.

c) John Kerry.

d) Cedric the Entertainer.

79. Which artist did not sing during the St. Louis games of the World Series?

a) Martina McBride.

b) Nelly.

c) Gretchen Wilson.

d) Scott Stapp.

80. What film is not a creation of local screenwriter James Gunn?

a) Dawn of the Dead 2004.

b) Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.

c) Scooby Doo.

d) Garfield: The Movie.

81. "Heck, we paid the guy $11 million last year. You'd think he could keep his mouth shut." To what was this anonymous official referring?

a) Nelly's criticism of the corporate decision-makers.

b) Kurt Warner's leak of his impending move to the New York Giants.

c) Dick Fleming's RCGA payroll.

d) Albert Pujols.

82. Who produced Chingy?

a) The Track Starz.

b) The Track Vandalz.

c) The Track Boyz.

d) The Track Markz.

83. How did Boeing consultant and aviation enthusiast John Mullen die?

a) Attempted to parachute onto the Arch and slid down the side.

b) Dioxin poisoning.

c) Arsenic poisoning.

d) Electric chair.

84. Why did Fair St. Louis cancel an Independence Day performance by Smash Mouth?

a) Their music is ill-conceived and bland.

b) They spoke ill of sponsor Enterprise Rent-A-Car onstage.

c) Their songs are licensed for Miller Beer commercials, which upset sponsor Budweiser.

d) They were deemed too "extreme" for the Fair St. Louis crowd.

85. What is the new name of the University of Missouri basketball arena?

a) Blandest Name Possible Arena.

b) Busch Stadium.

c) Elena Arena.

d) Mizzou Arena.

86. Why was St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Julian Tavarez suspended for ten days this season?

a) The umpire found pine tar on his cap.

b) His potty mouth.

c) He threw a chair at a Cubs fan.

d) Tony LaRussa punished him for punching a locker.

87. Who the hell is Larry Forgione?

a) The reputed boss of the revitalized Giannola crime family.

b) A local photographer whose work "Rose and Hips" in this year's Whitney Biennial was critically acclaimed.

c) The New York restaurateur who just opened An American Place on Washington Avenue.

d) A downtown developer whose alternate plan for the Century Building was railroaded by City Hall.

88. Who are the Doughnut Brothers?

a) Rams offensive linemen Adam Timmerman and Andy McCollum.

b) Rising St. Louis hip-hop producers Krispee Cream and Dunkin' d)

c) Local twins who landed in Guinness Book of World Records for eating 264 doughnuts in three minutes.

d) WFUN's new morning-show jocks.

89. Regional Commerce and Growth Association consultant David Z. Levin was fired from his high-paying gig after it was revealed that he was a practicing:

a) Astrologer.

b) Wiccan.

c) Clairvoyant.

d) Chiropractor.

90. Which of the following was not an event at the Blanche M. Touhill Center for the Performing Arts this year?

a) Jamie Farr as George Burns in Say Goodnight, Gracie.

b) Macbeth as performed by characters on The Simpsons.

c) Barbara Eden and Rita McKenzie in an all-female version of The Odd Couple.

d) Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges in a musical adaptation of Raisin in the Sun.

91. What is the name of the two-headed rat snake stolen (and recovered) from the City Museum?

a) Ditto.

b) Siamese.

c) We.

d) Medusa.

92. "I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I faced my giant. I faced the person who has been doing all these things to me." Who said this?

a) Brenda Warner during a radio station call-in show, on Mike Martz.

b) Former school-board member Rochell Moore, after dousing an assistant superintendent with water.

c) School board member Bill Haas, after confronting acting superintendent Bill Roberti about selling off empty schools.

d) Baton Bob, after confronting the director of the Dogtown St. Patrick's Day parade.

93. In March, parking attendant Dion Stovall was arrested after selling what from his City Hall booth?

a) Counterfeit DVDs.

b) Marijuana.

c) Crack.

d) Scalped World Series tickets.

94. Who is St. Louis' official fitness czar?

a) Bernie Miklasz.

b) Ozzie Smith.

c) Kurt Warner.

d) Cindy Preszler.

95. Restaurant manager Matt Forker was quoted as saying, "They said it was going to be the biggest event ever down here, and I don't think that's the case." To what was he referring?

a) The Lewis & Clark reenactment festivities.

b) 2004 Fair St. Louis.

c) St. Louis 2004 celebration in Forest Park.

d) 2004 Soulard Mardi Gras.

96. Why was Denny's worker Anthony Lindhorst arrested? a) For refusing to seat an African-American couple.

b) For placing stolen Denny's items on Ebay.

c) For dealing marijuana while waiting tables.

d) For tainting food with his semen.

97. What spurred Illinois Republican senate candidate Jack Ryan to withdraw from the race?

a) Allegations that he took his ex-wife to sex clubs and encouraged her to have sex with him while others watched.

b) He appointed his former gay lover to a midlevel government position.

c) He was caught in a "compromising position" in a men's-room stall.

d) Alan Keyes entered the race.

98. Which university will prize Poplar Bluff High School basketball recruit Tyler Hansbrough be attending this coming fall?

a) Kentucky.

b) Sanford-Brown.

c) North Carolina.

d) Mineral Area.

99. When Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols held a press conference to announce his signing of a seven-year, $100 million contract, whom did he say he was "borrowing" the money from?

a) Alan Greenspan.

b) Bill DeWitt.

c) Donald Trump.

d) God.

100. St. Louis Public Schools spent $45,000 this year on an outreach campaign to remind students to:

a) Put their shirts on before leaving the house in the morning.

b) Eat food with utensils.

c) Make sure to attend the first day of school.

d) Pull down pants before going pee-pee.

ANSWERS: 1. d. 2. a. 3. b. 4. d. 5. b. 6. c. 7. a. 8. c. 9. b. 10. c. 11. a. 12. 1-b., 2-e., 3-d., 4-c., 5-a. 13. a. 14. d. 15. c. 16. a. 17. d. 18. a. 19. 1-c., 2-a., 3-d., 4-b., 5-e. 20. d. 21. c. 22. a. 23. b. 24. c. 25. a. 26. c. 27. d. 28. b. 29. d. 30. c. 31. c. 32. a. 33. b. 34. d. 35. d. 36. a. 37. b. 38. d. 39. a. 40. c. 41. 1-d., 2-c., 3-b., 4-a. 42. b. 43. b. 44. c. 45. a. 46. d. 47. b. 48. d. 49. c. 50. d. 51. a. 52. a. 53. d. 54. a. 55. b. 56. b. 57. a. 58. d. 59. a. 60. c. 61. c. 62. b. 63. a. 64. b. 65. a. 66. c. 67. b. 68. b. 69. a. 70. d. 71. a. 72. c. 73. b. 74. d. 75. c. 76. d. 77. b. 78. a. 79. b. 80. d. 81. b. 82. a. 83. c. 84. b. 85. d. 86. a. 87. c. 88. a. 89. c. 90. d. 91. c. 92. b. 93. c. 94. b. 95. a. 96. d. 97. a. 98. c. 99. d. 100. c.