Newsflash: Gay People on Government Payroll

Jul 21, 2010 at 1:15 pm
Kathleen's little black book. - image via
Kathleen's little black book.

In a daring act of citizen-journalism, Kathleen Branson of Pacific has published a letter to the editor of the Washington Missourian purporting to out all the gays who work in President Obama's administration.

"The following names are people who now have jobs that you are paying for," she warns ominously. "These men and women are appointments of the president. They all have responsible jobs in high places. They are all gay and lesbian.

"Need I say more?

"We sure got a 'change' didn't we?"

But Branson's conscientiousness only goes so far:

"Because the list is long, and last names of many are hard to spell, I will list the first names."

What lesson are we supposed to draw from this? That gays have complicated last names? Or that homophobes are too lazy to bother to double-check the spelling of gay people's complicated last names? No doubt John, Mary, Michael and all their gay and lesbian colleagues are all quaking in fear.